How to find amethyst geodes in Minecraft

Minecraft is a game that has so many different blocks and things to discover that it can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to look for specific items. While certain blocks are definitely much easier than others to discover, amethyst geodes can be a bit elusive unless you look in the right spot.

Luckily, there are a few different places where you can locate them, and quickly score some calcite and the beautiful amethyst blocks. Here is everything that players need to know about where they can locate amethyst geodes in Minecraft.

Amethyst geodes can override ravines and mineshafts in Minecraft


Amethyst geodes are special rock structures that contain amethyst blocks that can be used to make spyglasses and tinted glass. These geodes can be found in multiple locations between the heights of Y=0 and Y=70.

While players can certainly just mine between these heights and stumble across an amethyst geode, there are some ways that can make their search for these a lot easier.

Here are the best places players can look for amethyst geodes in Minecraft.

Inside of Ravines and Mineshafts


Amethyst geodes can override ravines and mineshafts. That means that when players discover one of these inside their world, they can generally have some good luck by following it in the hopes of finding a slightly exploded amethyst geode.

Sometimes they can find them open and right off to the side of the mineshaft, other times they may need to go a bit off the beaten path to get to them, but in general, the chance of finding them here is much higher than randomly digging.

Scouting the ocean floor for amethyst geodes


Perhaps the quickest and most effective way to discover a geode is to comb large oceans in a boat in search of them. How this works is that the average sea level in Minecraft is Y=63. Because of that, when a player travels across the water in a boat, they can do so at a very high rate of speed.

As they speed through the water, they can keep a lookout below, and more times than not, they will discover a geode inside the ocean. Once they find it, they can simply hop out of the boat, head down, and crack it open to get the goodies.

Finding amethyst geodes inside of caves in Minecraft


Players can head down into the caves in the hopes of finding a mineshaft. Since the geodes can also break into caves when they are being formed, players can keep an eye out for them when braving the depths.

Crafting items out of amethyst in Minecraft


Once players have found their amethyst geode, they will be able to grab some amethyst shards. These are the crystals that they will find growing inside the geode.

Once they get some in their possession, they will be able to craft a spyglass, which will help them see far into the distance. In addition, they can also use them to create tinted glass, which is great for decoration in almost any build.

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