How to download skins in Minecraft: Education Edition

Skins have long been the most visible way to show off a Minecraft player’s sense of style, but each version of Minecraft has a slightly different process for downloading and using them, especially custom-made skins by community members.


Minecraft: Education Edition comes with a sizable number of built-in skins accessible to players and students, but some may want to go a step beyond and download and implement their own custom skin even in Education Edition. This may seem slightly more difficult than doing so in Java Edition, but it isn’t as tricky as it may appear.

Minecraft: Downloading and importing a custom skin in Education Edition

Dream's eponymous skin is widely available to the Minecraft community (Image via Mojang)
Dream’s eponymous skin is widely available to the Minecraft community (Image via Mojang)

In Minecraft: Education Edition, importing a skin more or less requires creating a skin pack for it. Although this may seem daunting, there are more than a few online tools available to consolidate a skin into its own pack. But first, Minecraft players will want to find their desired skin in question. If players don’t want to create the skin on their own with a program, they can head to well-known skin database sites such as The Skindex or NameMC to find a skin they fancy.

Once they’ve gotten to a skin that they like, clicking the option should bring the player to a page where they can download the skin for use in Minecraft. Typically, players will want to download the skin as a .PNG file. Once the image file has been downloaded to a folder, players can head to sites such as @cdsmythe’s Minecraft skin pack creator for the next step.


At the @cdsmythe site, players can select whether they’d like their skin to be set to a standard or slim Minecraft model before jumping to the pack creation screen. On the pack creation screen, players can choose their image file for upload and provide the name for the skin and its skinpack to their liking. They’ll also need to enter a version number for their skinpack that they find fitting.

Once all of the ancillary info has been entered, Minecraft players can then insert their .PNG file if they haven’t already and download the pack at the bottom of the screen by selecting “download pack.” Players can also add additional skins to the pack if they’d like to add more than one skin to the game at a time.

Once the pack is finished and downloaded to a location on the player’s device, simply double-clicking the pack itself should open Minecraft: Education Edition and automatically import the skin pack. After that, all a player will need to do is navigate to their skin section and select a skin from their newly-made skinpack to start playing with their newfound skin!

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