How to download Minecraft snapshot 22w46a

The latest Minecraft: Java Edition preview snapshot was released on November 16, 2022. It brought additional changes to the game and implemented some bug fixes. New features have also arrived, such as piglin heads and the ability to play mob sounds using a note block.

Newer players who may not be familiar with snapshots can access the latest one directly from the Minecraft Launcher.


In years past, implementing a Java Edition snapshot was somewhat more complicated, but the process has been made significantly easier thanks to the efforts of Mojang.

However, to avoid corrupting your previous worlds, it isn’t a bad idea to take a few steps before accessing the snapshot.

Steps you can follow to download and play the latest Minecraft Java snapshot

The Minecraft Launcher gives players an easy way to play new snapshots (Image via Mojang)
The Minecraft Launcher gives players an easy way to play new snapshots (Image via Mojang)

By opening the Minecraft Launcher and ticking a box, players can enjoy Snapshot 22w46a without worrying about corrupting the worlds created they created in the stable build of the game.

The process only takes a few moments. As long as players have a solid internet connection to work with, the update to install the snapshot should be near-instantaneous. Afterward, all that’s required is a quick tweaking of the settings.

Here are the steps that players can follow to enable snapshot 22w46a in the Minecraft Launcher:

  1. Open your launcher. The latest snapshot should update for Java Edition automatically. However, if the snapshot doesn’t update as quickly as planned, it doesn’t hurt to get prepared by clicking the Java Edition icon and selecting “Installations.”
  2. On this page, take a look at the checkboxes to the right. Be sure that “snapshots” is ticked, as this will ensure that worlds played during the snapshot will have their files separated to avoid corruption.
  3. Return to the “play” tab and look to the left of the primary play button. There should be a small dropdown list that initially reads “Latest Release.” Click on this list and select “Latest Snapshot.”
  4. Press the play button and enjoy the game.


This method can be used to play any future Minecraft: Java Edition snapshots that are released. When a new snapshot debuts, opening the launcher should update it in short order. Once you’ve got the “Snapshots” box ticked in the “Installations” tab, you won’t need to tick it again when a new snapshot is released.

Java Edition snapshots are an excellent way to preview new content before a major update release and explore the many bug fixes that have been implemented.

Mojang has stated in recent blog posts that they intend to release many more sequential snapshots leading up to major version updates, so players will have no shortage of previews to enjoy.

Instead of manipulating .jar files like in years past, Mojang has made the process of previewing upcoming content much easier through the launcher’s all-in-one availability.


This tactic works well for Java Edition. However, Bedrock Edition uses a separate beta program where players will need to use the “preview” tab to install that particular version’s take on the snapshot system.

Edited by Rachel Syiemlieh

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