How to Change the Weather in Minecraft? Make It Snow in Minecraft

How to Make the Weather Change in Minecraft? You need to open the console and type in a command related to that weather.

Changing the weather in Minecraft is easy. You need to open the command window by pressing the T button on the PC. We will discuss the buttons for other consoles in another section. After that, you must type a command corresponding to the weather you want and press Enter. A Message will appear in the bottom left of the screen about the weather.

In the coming sections, we will look at the various weather commands and buttons you need to access the chat window so you can type in those commands.

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How to Change the Weather in Minecraft?

Buttons to Access the Chat Window

We already know about the PC version; let’s look at the other consoles.

  • Pocket Edition – Press the Chat button on the top of the screen.
  • Xbox One, Ps4 –  Press the Right button on the D-pad.
  • Nintendo Switch – Press the Right Arrow button on the Controller
  • Windows 10 and Education Edition – It is the same as the PC/Mac edition; press the T button.

Commands to Change the Weather

  • Rain/Snow/weather rain. Rains fill containers slowly, while fish are more active in the rivers and streams. Wolves shake themselves dry and other effects are seen after this cheat is activated. Also, this is the same command to make it snow, but you will have to be inside a snow biome for it to snow rather than rain.
  • Thunder – /weather thunder. Thunder will be accompanied by lightning and rain. The Lightning strike also deals damage to mobs. If you have a trident, throw it to a spot, and a lightning bolt will appear there.
  • Clear – /weather clear. This weather cheat will clear the weather of any thunder, lightning, snow or rain. Use this to reset the weather.

Changing the weather might lead to certain advantages and disadvantages based on the biomes you are on. Proceed carefully.

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