How to Breed Tropical Fish in Minecraft?

Whether you’re a collector or just a curious player, you’ve been wondering how to breed tropical fish in Minecraft. And we’re going to tell you all about your query and everything else you may need to know about this particular aspect of the game.

Minecraft Mobs – Tropical Fish

Minecraft is known for its countless types of mobs in the game, ranging from animals to undead creatures. And every mob in the game has its own category that it falls under. Mobs that attack players are classified as “hostile mobs,” whereas mobs that exist as part of biomes and do not interfere with players are classified as “passive mobs”.

One of those interesting passive mobs is the tropical fish, which has many variants. They’re mostly found in ocean biomes, certain swamp areas, and inside caves that feature underwater tunnels. These fish have thousands of variants that are naturally occurring in the game and offer a great pastime for players who seek to collect them.

Various types of Tropical Fish
Image via CuseKaze

As of writing, there are currently 2700 variants in the game if you don’t consider using commands and spawning more types. While you could terraform to catch some of these variants, it’s really not worth it in the long run.

Can You Breed Tropical Fish in Minecraft?

Getting right into the matter at hand, we can give you a direct answer to this question. For now, there is no legit way to breed tropical fish in the main base game. The game’s community has often suggested the mechanics for performing breeding within the game’s boundaries, but there have been no official changes to this game feature so far.

For now, the possibility of breeding tropical fish is not a reality within the game. That being said, there are still ways to collect plenty of tropical fish for whatever particular reason the players might want. These fish usually spawn in different types of water around the in-game world, so collecting them isn’t that hard.

Where Can You Find Tropical Fish?

These particular mobs spawn in Minecraft’s various bodies of water and usually spawn during Spring. They reproduce heavily and come in various species and color combinations, so spotting them within water should be relatively easy.

Example of Tropical Fish in Minecraft
Image Credits: Commonsensegamer

Once you’ve spotted a particularly heavily populated area with these fish, you can remove them swiftly for more to spawn. And in this way, keep the cycle going and build up your fish pool with countless variants.

Ocean biomes are your number one bet for finding these colorful mobs; dive into deep water and keep your eyes open. If you wanna enjoy your search further, take a look at our picks for the best Minecraft shaders to help you brighten up your visuals.

Variants of Tropical Fish

Tropical Fish mobs come in various patterns, sizes, and colors, and 2700 variants within the game spawn naturally. Getting into it further, there are about 22 unique types of these ocean mobs that are based on real-life fish species.

The game can either spawn one of these 22 types or spawn a tropical fish with a random combination of features based on the original types. The spawning probabilities may vary from version to version and are not globally static.

22 unique types of Tropical Fish in Minecraft
Image Credits: Commonsensegamer

How to Collect Tropical Fish in Minecraft?

The most apparent thought any player would think of is to fish for these mobs, but they’d be wrong. Fishing, in the game, is more centered on the mechanics of food and consumable items. Fishing for these particular mobs would only give you the food items you get when the fish in question dies.

So with fishing out of the equation, the following method uses a bucket. Since you can’t breed these fish, getting a lot of them from one populated place can be done with a bucket. You can easily create one using iron ingots, set up in a V shape. Once you’ve made one, follow the same recipe to make more depending on how many fish you want to nab.

Minecraft Tropical Fish
via Mojang

Now all you have to do is locate a suitable biome and take a little swim to hunt down these colorful fish within the blue depths. Simply right-click on the fish near you with the bucket equipped, and you’ll successfully capture it. After that, simply carry it over to your desired destination and right-click on the water to transfer the fish to its new home.


And there you have it, sure-fire answers to your queries about how to breed tropical fish in Minecraft. You may come across other guides that tell you you can breed them, but most are just loosely based on user suggestions and ideas. There’s no legit way to breed tropical fish in Minecraft, only mods and hacks.

Let us know how many tropical fish you aim to collect or what you think of our cute little aquatic friends. And in the meantime, check out our other Minecraft guides for more on your favorite game.

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