How to activate and use Spectator mode in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Spectator mode (Image via Minecraft Bedrock Edition)
Spectator mode (Image via Minecraft Bedrock Edition)

For years, Minecraft Bedrock Edition users had to live without the Spectator mode as only Java Edition players could enjoy the feature. But with the the 1.19 The Wild Update, that will soon change.

It is a brilliant gamemode through which players can go through any block and look for any openings or caves. It is majorly used to look underground or through any solid block wall for any openings.

In the beta versions of the game, Mojang recently added a way to enable the long-awaited gamemode; however, it has been through some changes and encountered some bugs along the way.

How to enable spectator mode and use it in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

How to use the gamemode in Minecraft Bedrock Edition easily


Since the gamemode is still under development and will be released in the next update, players won’t be able to activate it normally like other gamemodes. Instead, players will have to toggle the feature in the world settings.

The gamemode toggle in Experiment section (Image via Minecraft)
The gamemode toggle in Experiment section (Image via Minecraft)

Once the player opens the World List, they can click the edit button and scroll down to the ‘Experiments’ list. Here, they will find a ‘Spectator Mode’ toggle that they can switch on before generating a new world.

Players must always toggle this feature before the world is generated simply because the experiment features will lock once the world is generated.

Secondly, players will have to go further down the world settings and toggle ‘Allow Cheats’ feature, which will enable them to write and execute commands. Players can only enter spectator mode through commands in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

How to use the gamemode in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Gamemode command (Image via Mojang)
Gamemode command (Image via Mojang)

Once players have entered the world with cheats and spectator mode enabled, they will have to take care of a few more things before properly activating it. If they try to enter the command ‘/gamemode spectator’ and execute it like normal, players will enter the gamemode.

However, it will be buggy, as they won’t be able to move vertically. They will only be able to crouch and slowly shift upwards. While this is a bug that Mojang is in the process of fixing, there is a trick to getting around this.

The gamemode might have some bugs (Image via Mojang)
The gamemode might have some bugs (Image via Mojang)

First, players will have to be in Creative mode (and flying mode). They can fly around by double-pressing the spacebar.

Once in flying mode, they can enter the command to change the gamemode. This will put them in the gamemode properly, where they can fly vertically and go through blocks.

Players might also notice that, for now, the spectator mode will show a survival mode HUD, meaning the health and hunger bar will also be visible. However, players need not worry about it as this will also be fixed. Since it is an important mode to use in the game, players should know how to enable and disable it easily.

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