How does Minecraft Marketplace for Bedrock Edition work?

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition has a few features that set it apart from Java Edition. One of the most noticeable is the Minecraft Marketplace, which allows players to install add-ons (similar to mods) even on consoles and mobile platforms where modding is made more difficult.

Through the marketplace, Minecraft players can download custom-made worlds, skins, and add-ons that alter gameplay. These add-ons can be made by Mojang Studios or even members of the player community.


Many pieces of content are free, but some cost real-world money to compensate the creators and Mojang for hosting the content.

At any rate, using the marketplace is a fairly easy process. Players should be able to find plenty of content to enjoy with just a few mouse clicks or button presses.

What the Minecraft Marketplace has to offer as of November 2022

SonicCraft is a brand crossover between Minecraft and Sonic the Hedgehog that can be found on the marketplace (Image via Mojang/Sega)
SonicCraft is a brand crossover between Minecraft and Sonic the Hedgehog that can be found on the marketplace (Image via Mojang/Sega)

For the sake of convenience, the Minecraft Marketplace is segmented into different categories. Featured content can be found on the marketplace’s front page, but players can also select and filter content based on its type, including skin packs, worlds, and texture packs. There is also a search function in the top-right corner of the front page for players who want to look for specific creators or content.

In the top-right corner of the screen, players will also find their current collection of Minecoins. This currency can be purchased using microtransactions and is used to purchase in-game content found in the marketplace.

To the left side of the front page, players will find sections curated by Mojang, including new releases, top sellers, and pop culture-related content.


Minecraft players can also purchase much of the marketplace’s content via a direct microtransaction payment, providing them with options when it comes to purchasing skin packs or maps.

Once the content is downloaded, players can use it right away without needing to worry about any form of installation that is more commonly seen in Java Edition.

However, it’s important to note that two things are required before using the Minecraft Marketplace: a stable internet connection and a purchase of the full version of Bedrock Edition.

Fortunately, Mojang recently instituted a change that allows players to obtain both main versions of the game when they purchase either Java or Bedrock Edition. This gives players the ability to utilize the marketplace with one purchase.


Some players would surely prefer to augment their game in their own way. However, the marketplace provides an opportunity to modify the game even on platforms where modding isn’t as readily accessible, particularly on consoles.

Add-ons may not be exactly the same as mods per se, but they’re quite close by comparison, thanks to the bevy of content provided. These include entire adventure maps and minigames that require a significant amount of custom gameplay implementations.

At any rate, the marketplace has been a thriving facet of Bedrock Edition and should continue to be one for years to come. It never hurts to pop in from time to time to see what new and entertaining content is available to try.

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