Hilarious Image Shows Downside of Minecraft’s New Signs

With the recent announcement of Minecraft‘s awaited 1.20 update, one player has discovered a downside to the new hanging signs, which they reveal in a hilarious image. Said to be released sometime in 2023, the game’s new updates have already captured players with great excitement.

Among the new Camel mob, Bamboo mosaic blocks, and the new chiseled bookshelf, Mojang’s Minecraft 1.20 update has spurred anticipation for fans of the game, including the brand-new hanging signs which are an upgrade from the standard display sign. However, it seems the new signs offer a downside with limited space for wording.


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Posted by Reddit user Java-Jumper, the image reveals the interesting detail that the sign has limited space to write. In the image posted to Reddit, they wrote on the sign an unfinished statement reading, “new signs are cool but not enough s,” with the “s” possibly standing for the word “space” which they could not fit on the sign. A standard Minecraft sign has four lines and is said to hold 15 characters on each line. These new signs seemed to have less than that of the standard or may have a usage beyond being a decoration.

Upon observation of the Minecraft sign, one fan stated that “It seems to me that the new signs are intended to present something, the old ones are mainly intended to convey information” as it looks like the signs are meant to be simply a hanging sign. Due to the original signs giving more information, these new hanging signs in 1.20 seem to be used for titles or locations. These signs provide a more flexible usage as they can be attached to the side of blocks to convey a location such as the name of an area or in-game restaurant.

By looking at the image, it does look like these signs not only bring a new form of decor to Minecraft but offer more capabilities for players to make use of. Players are never short of utilizing their crafting skills when it comes to creating astonishing works of art in-game, and these signs could provide a more decorative approach to such creations. It seems the new Minecraft signs are dedicated to helping map out an area or name locations in towns as players can find many usages for them.

So far, with the announcement of 1.20, there are many additions and fixes for fans to look forward to, further extending the limitations of Minecraft. Among the creative inventory changes, chat and chat report changes, and leaded mob fall damage fixes, players can look forward to the update, its possible themes, and creative enhancements.

Minecraft is available now for PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One, and legacy platforms.

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