Heart of the Sea Minecraft: Where to Find and Uses

Heart of the Sea in Minecraft is found in a buried treasure underwater and is used to craft a conduit. More below.

Minecraft has a lot of collectibles and things you can find solely by exploring the world. One of those things is a Heart of the Sea. Today we will look where you can find one of those Hearts in the game. We will also take a look at its various uses.

Firstly, we will need to find a buried treasure underwater; we have already made a guide on How to find Buried Treasure in Minecraft. You can find that article below.

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How to Find Heart of the Sea in Minecraft

Here is a video explaining what the Heart is capable of and how you can obtain it.

The short version of it is that you can find it in buried treasure throughout the world. But getting to that treasure is a lengthy task. First, you will need to find a shipwreck and search the Map chest in it. Your character is displayed as a white dot when you find the map.

The treasure is marked as a red X on the map. Once you reach the top of the X, start digging for the treasure. Keep doing it until you find a chest. Open the chest, and you will get the Heart.

Now, let us discuss the uses of this Heart.


You can use the Heart to make a Conduit which grants you various buffs underwater. It is crafted using 8 nautilus shells and the Heart in the crafting table. However, nautilus shells are even trickier to find. You must kill zombies holding those shells or trade with the wandering trader.

You can also use this Heart underwater light source if you cannot look around. The conduit power gives the player a mining speed increase, breathability underwater, and night vision. Just like we said, it improves vision underwater.

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