GTA Online will continue to get updates, according to the November 7 Take-Two Earnings Call

Take-Two revealed in their latest Earnings Call that GTA Online will still get some updates in the future. The relevant sentence from the Take-Two Earnings call on November 7, 2022, reads:

“Throughout the balance of the fiscal year, Rockstar Games will continue to support Grand Theft Auto Online with additional major content updates, alongside popular annual seasonal-themed offerings and more.”

It’s not just weekly updates. That Earnings Call states explicitly that the game will get “major content updates.” That means gamers can expect more major patches that add a ton of new content like The Criminal Enterprises and The Contract in the future.

Rockstar Games will continue to deliver on “major content updates along with seasonal updates” for #GTAOnline.”No word on Red Dead Online.

Otherwise, the Take-Two Earnings Call on November 7, 2022, didn’t reveal too much else about the game. That means gamers don’t currently know for certain what the next update will feature. Rockstar Games has also yet to unveil any plans on any date related to the next big patch for GTA Online.

Seasonal updates should be pretty self-explanatory. GTA Online has received numerous Halloween and Christmas events in the past few years, so Take-Two’s statement would confirm that the game will continue to get more updates like that in the future.

Take-Two reveals that GTA Online will still get updates in the latest Earnings Call


There are a few other important tidbits of information from the November 7, 2022, Earnings Call. For example, GTA 5 once again sets a new record. The recent Take-Two Earnings Call stated:

“Our net bookings performance was within our guidance range, led by Grand Theft Auto V, which exceeded our expectations and to date has sold more than 170 million units worldwide.”

Gamers worldwide continue to purchase GTA 5. The current 170 million units estimate puts the game in second place regarding most copies ever sold for a video game. For reference, only Minecraft has sold more, and that title sold over 238,000,000 copies.

The Criminal Enterprises was the most recent update in GTA Online (Image via Rockstar Games)
The Criminal Enterprises was the most recent update in GTA Online (Image via Rockstar Games)

Take-Two also recapped what The Criminal Enterprises update was about. Any gamer who has played GTA Online recently would already know what was included in that update, but some investors wouldn’t. Hence, the company summarized something that might seem obvious to the reader.

For instance, they stated:

“The Criminal Enterprises was very well received, and we have seen millions of players engaging with significant new features such as the ability to run Sell Missions in Private Lobbies, New Weapon Wheel Controls, and more.”

Take-Two also mentioned GTA+ once, merely referencing how it”…continues to grow its members…” No specific numbers were listed.

GTA Online continues to do well (Image via Rockstar Games)
GTA Online continues to do well (Image via Rockstar Games)

Not everything in the Earnings Call was about GTA Online. Take-Two’s CEO, Strauss Zelnick, addressed the GTA 6 leak:

“And with regard to the leak, it was terribly unfortunate and we take those sorts of incidents very seriously indeed. There’s no evidence that any material assets were taken, which is a good thing. And certainly, the leak won’t have any influence on development or anything of the sort.”

This statement echoes Rockstar Games’ previous comment on the matter. On a related note, it’s worth mentioning that there was no discussion regarding a GTA 6 trailer or its actual release date from Take-Two.

Gamers will have to be patient until Rockstar reveals more about the title in the future.

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