Get Minecraft Dungeons’ Fauna Faire Adventure Pass for free with Amazon Prime

What you need to know

  • Prime Gaming is a major part of Amazon Prime, with various benefits across Twitch and access to free games and in-game content.
  • On Thursday, the service announced its latest member perk: Minecraft Dungeons’ Fauna Faire Adventure Pass.
  • Players can jump into the latest Minecraft Dungeons Seasonal Adventure at no additional cost through Prime Gaming.
  • The perk is redeemable only for the PC version of Minecraft Dungeons through the Microsoft Store.

Amazon Prime offers dozens of services and benefits to subscribers all over the world, with one major part of the subscription being Prime Gaming. Alongside various perks for regular Twitch viewers, Prime Gaming provides access to dozens of free games, in-game content, and exclusive loot. On Thursday, the service announced the latest addition to its pool of member perks.

Minecraft Dungeons Season 3 Fauna Faire is currently in full swing, with players able to explore a plethora of new pet-themed content, including new The Tower floors, unique pets and cosmetics, and even a free level available to all players. Those who want to eke even more out of the Seasonal Adventure could invest in the premium Adventure Pass with dozens more exclusive cosmetic items and content, but now that pass is included for free with Prime Gaming.

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