Get double VIP points on these two LEGO sets in October 2022

Two LEGO sets now qualify for double VIP points in October, allowing members the opportunity to stock up on digital credit.

Another two LEGO sets are now available with double VIP points, offering members the chance to add even more credit to their digital wallets for potential future purchases. The latest additions to the current offers on and in LEGO Stores are 41714 Andrea’s Theatre School and 21190 The Abandoned Village, with both the Friends and Minecraft sets qualifying for double VIP points until October 31.

41714 Andrea’s Theatre School launched as part of the Friends summer range, with the 1,154-piece set featuring a foldout playhouse, complete with orchestra and balcony seating, dressing room, props room, lights rigging and four mini-dolls. The set currently is available now and currently retails for £89.99 / $99.99 / €99.99.

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