Features That Would Complement The Ones Revealed At Minecraft Live 2022

Minecraft’s annual showcase, Minecraft Live, revealed a lot of new things coming to the game as well as all the two spin-off games, Minecraft Dungeons and Minecraft Legends. This year, Mojang took a more cautious approach to its reveal, forgoing the usual reveal of an entire biome that is getting revamped, and instead opting to only showcase features that are far in development. The features that Mojang has confirmed for Minecraft update 1.20 are camels, hanging signs, bamboo blocks, the sniffer, and a new type of bookshelf.


These features are not the only ones that will be added to the game through the upcoming update, as Mojang has confirmed that new features will be revealed as they are developed further. This cautious approach to revealing Minecraft’s 1.20 update may not have been what many fans expected, but it is a smart decision following the many delays that the last two major updates faced. With the revealed features, however, fans have already started to speculate about other features that could be added in to update 1.20.

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Confirmed Features Coming to Update 1.20


Mojang revealed some exciting features that are coming to Minecraft in 2023 with the release of update 1.20. Minecraft will get new bamboo blocks that allow players to create plank-like variants of bamboo, from stairs to slabs and even rafts to explore their world. These blocks bring a lot more variety to the block palette available to players, and the unique design of the blocks showcased at Minecraft Live will likely encourage players to experiment with different types of wood and stone blocks.

Camels were the other big reveal, offering a new mount mob that is perfect for multiplayer servers since two players can ride on one simultaneously, all while staying out of reach from most hostile mobs. Hanging signs are a variant of the regular signposts and add a lot more flair to Minecraft, giving players a new way to label their world. Finally, Minecraft‘s new bookshelf, the chiseled bookshelf, adds a whole new dimension to the block, allowing players to store up to six books in each bookshelf, and can even be used to make some interesting redstone contraptions.

Other Features That Should Be Added To Update 1.20

minecraft 1.20

With these confirmed features, Mojang has also confirmed that there are other features it is working on adding to the game. These other features are still unknown but could complement the ones that fans got to see during Minecraft Live, making update 1.20 much more useful for players. One extremely useful feature that Mojang could add to help craft the bamboo block variants, as well as other wood variants, would be a woodcutter block inspired by the stonecutter, giving players the chance to make wood block variants in a more efficient way than using a crafting bench. With the new bamboo rafts, it is also a good time to give players a new fishing method. Mojang could introduce a fishing net that can be used to get multiple fish at once.

The addition of camels could mean also that there will be many more changes coming to the Minecraft desert biome. Since camels are known for traveling across the desert through sandstorms, adding this weather event would make the biome a bit more dangerous than it already is. Also, since camels can be bred using cactus, adding a new cactus type in the game that also doubles as a food source for the player will make starting a world in the desert much more feasible.

Minecraft’s update 1.20 is set to bring in some interesting and long-awaited changes to the game, and while not everything the update has to offer has been revealed, fans are already excited about the prospect this update carries. Mojang’s new system of only revealing upcoming content that is in a late development stage is an excellent choice as it gives the developers lesser pressure to have everything ready, and also allows the community to come up with certain ideas that could be added to the game. Minecraft update 1.20 is set to release in 2023, with the first snapshots of the game promised to be released a few days after the success of Minecraft Live 2022.

Minecraft is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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