Explore the LEGO Minecraft 2021 sets with the designers

A pair of new LEGO Minecraft videos have been revealed, touring through aspects of the 2021 range of sets with two of the theme’s designers.

The LEGO Group’s official YouTube channel has a duo of new videos to watch, both based on LEGO Minecraft with a designer in each explaining elements of the 2021 sets and how you can improve them.

Erik Jensen leads the first clip with a modular build recreating a few of Minecraft’s biomes, of which there are over 60. These include the Taiga, Forest, Plains, Ice Spikes, badlands, Crimson Forest and more. A tip for constructing your LEGO Minecraft worlds is also presented with the base of the model being mostly flat and the terrain made up of 6×6 modular areas that can be mixed and matched depending on the biome, or your personal preference.

The second video is helmed by Frederic Andre of the LEGO Minecraft design team and focuses on tips and tricks to enhance the space around you with the block-based models of the theme.

A lamp is depicted as the new home of 21170 The Pig House, with the base of the light almost entirely covered by a layer of grass. Next to it, a pencil pot is the centrepiece of a small diorama featuring a tree with autumnal leaves and a hill.

LEGO Minecraft is rumoured to return in 2022 with a wave of six sets ranging from another animal home to an adventure beneath the waves.

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