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On October 21, 2022, Minecraft’s main characters, Steve and Alex, made a few new friends. Initially announced during Minecraft Live 2022, Mojang introduced seven new default character skins for fans to enjoy.


In Minecraft’s earliest days, Steve was the only default skin. Alex was added in update 1.8 pre1, which also introduced the “slim” skin type. However, aside from some revisions made to Steve and Alex in recent updates, they’ve remained the only two default skins available to players.

Now, seven new default inclusions have been made by Mojang so gamers can better express themselves. The new skins are known as Noor, Sunny, Ari, Zuri, Makena, Kai, and Efe, and they’ll certainly bring plenty of customization options for players.

All that is known about Minecraft’s new default skins

The new default characters congregating around a llama statue with Alex and Steve (Image via Mojang)
The new default characters congregating around a llama statue with Alex and Steve (Image via Mojang)

Much like Steve and Alex, the new default Minecraft entities introduced on October 21 are compatible with both the classic and slim skin frames. These characters were injected directly into the Minecraft launcher, making them accessible to Java Edition players.

However, players who update their Bedrock Edition to beta version can also access these new characters through the use of the game’s Dressing Room function on the main menu.

Each new default skin is quite unique in appearance and wardrobe, from Ari’s orange tunic to Sunny’s green shirt and overalls. In Bedrock Edition, the Dressing Room can be used to further customize these default skins, allowing you to give your own specific twist on them. Java Edition players can also edit the default skins manually to present themselves more accurately.


Based on Mojang’s recent blog posts and remarks during Minecraft Live, these new default skins are intended to improve the way that players depict their own personal appearance within the title.

After all, skins are the most visible way for players to show off their personal tastes. There used to be a time when dozens or hundreds of Steve/Alex skins would inhabit multiplayer servers due to gamers not using a custom skin. These players who don’t necessarily want a custom skin now have many more default options.

Mojang has stated that it hopes these new characters will allow fans to see themselves in the skins. The increase in skins is also representative of the game’s massive fanbase. Since the playerbase includes people from all around the world, it only makes sense that the game’s default characters should be as diverse as possible to represent them.


These new Minecraft characters arrive just in time for the arrival of the 1.20 update, which should be released sometime in early 2023. With all the new features coming with the patch, it should be quite exciting to explore a world with an increased roster of playable default characters.

Hopefully, Mojang’s latest slew of skins will grow in popularity as Steve and Alex have over the years. It may be quite some time before the developers introduce new default characters again.

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