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Minecraft’s history is filled with changes and frequent updates, each of which tweaks the game a little bit. One feature that has constantly changed, at least in recent times, is the height levels for each of the game’s ores and minerals. Ores in Minecraft are one of the most important aspects of the survival game mode.

Each ore holds different properties and helps the player get through the different stages of the game’s progression in one way or another. The last time Minecraft’s ore levels changed was during the Minecraft 1.18 update, which was aptly titled the Caves and Cliffs Part 2 Update.

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Minecraft: A guide to ore heights in The Wild Update


The Caves and Cliffs update brought a massive overhaul to the game’s Overworld dimension, increasing both the world height and depth to Y level 320 and Y level -64 respectively. Naturally, this affected the spawn height for every ore, and a new distribution system was devised by Mojang. The following ore heights stand true for Minecraft 1.19 as well.

1) Diamonds


In the Wild Update, diamond ore can only be found below Y level 16. From here onwards, players will notice that the lower they go, their chances of finding the elusive diamond ore blocks increase. If one is to follow this logic, then the deepest level on the map, which is Y level -64, has the highest chance of diamond ore generation.

Players should be careful, though, as the lower sections of the overworld consist of deepslate instead of stone, which is harder to mine. Additionally, large quantities of lava are often found at these depths as well. To prevent or counter fire damage by lava, it is wise to carry water or potions of fire resistance.

2) Coal


Coal is one of the most efficient forms of fuel within the game, and is among the most conveniently found as well. The ore heights for coal ore in Minecraft 1.19 range from Y level 256 to Y level 0. This means that players can find the ore on top of the highest mountains as well as inside the spooky depths of caves. The most profitable level for coal ore is Y level 90.

3) Copper


Copper is one of the newest ores to be added to Minecraft. It came to the game with the first part of the Caves and Cliffs Update and has since established itself as one of the best materials for building and decoration.

Aside from this, it also has the capability of making useful items like lightning rods and spy glasses. Players can find copper ore between Y level 112 and Y level 16. The most profitable level for the ore is Y level 48. In addition, players can often find larger quantities of copper ore in dripstone caves.

4) Iron


Iron has been in the game for years, and is one ore that no player can live without. It can make armor, weapons, tools, utility blocks, and so much more, lending a hand in the player’s progression and being crucial to their existence during the endgame phase as well. Iron can be found generating between Y levels 256 and -32. However, the most profitable level for the ore is Y level 16.

5) Gold


Gold is a semi-useful ore in Minecraft, as it makes weak but fast weapons, tools, and armor. One quality that redeems the ore, however, is that it is incredibly useful in the Nether dimension. Players with at least one piece of gold armor equipped will have a safer journey within the hellish dimension as Piglins often attack players who do not equip said armor.

Fun fact: The highest quantity of gold ore can be found inside the Badlands biome of the Overworld. The ore is often found between Y levels -64 and 32, with the highest amount being available at Y level -16. However, gold is also found in huge quantities within the Nether, in the form of gold nuggets and as chest loot.

6) Redstone


Redstone is an interesting substance that is used to power various player-made and naturally generated contraptions within the world of Minecraft. Redstone ore can be found generating between Y levels -32 and -64, so players will have to put in a fair amount of mining work for it. Just like with diamonds, the most profitable level for Redstone is Y level -64.

7) Emerald


Emeralds serve as the primary form of currency in Minecraft. They’re usually used to trade all kinds of items and resources with villagers. Players can find emerald ore between Y levels -16 and 256.

The generational change in Minecraft 1.18 made emerald ore a lot more accessible, as it used to be an extremely rare ore to find. Now, it can be found within mountains and as high as a player can go. The best height to mine for emerald ore is Y level 224.

8) Lapis Lazuli


Just as emeralds serve as the currency for trading, Lapis Lazuli serves as the currency (or ammo, if you will) for enchanting. An enchanting table contains two slots, one for Lapis Lazuli, and the other for the weapon, tool, book, or armor piece being enchanted.

However, the new generation system has made Lapis Lazuli ore the rarest out of all Minecraft ores. Players who want to try and find it can explore between Y levels -64 and 64. The best level to find the ore lies right in the middle, at Y level 0.

Aside from changing up the ore height and depth, the Minecraft 1.18 update has also enabled players to unleash their creativity and build further up or explore further down.

The new changes affected mountains and caves, as both natural structures got significantly larger and more open to accommodating the changes in world height and the many new biomes that were added to the game. All changes stand true for the Wild Update as well.

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