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Minecraft has just announced its latest collaboration. In the past, they’ve worked with Puma, Sonic the Hedgehog, Major League Baseball, Batman and many others. They’re not as prolific with collaborations as some other games are, but they have been able to secure some interesting crossovers.

Burberry is the latest brand to work with Mojang’s hit sandbox game. They will be crossing over in more ways than one, as this will be collaborative both in-game and out. Here’s everything you need to know about it:

Minecraft x Burberry crossover: A complete guide

Here’s what the website says about the exciting crossover:

“The Burberry x Minecraft in-game adventure is a fast-paced journey into the unknown that allows the player to explore four treacherous domains. Featuring 15 downloadable skins based on fashion, fantasy and adventure, the game reimagines journeys into nature through the power of adventure.”

Not only will the crossover exist in-game with the exploration of the four treacherous domains, there will also be merchandise available for purchase.

Part of the upcoming crossover (Image via Mojang/Burberry)
Part of the upcoming crossover (Image via Mojang/Burberry)

However, unlike normal merchandise, this is not going to be a T-shirt with a creeper face on it. Burberry is a high fashion brand, and their Minecraft crossover doesn’t change that.

They have a line for women, men and an outerwear line. There will also be in-game items to celebrate the crossover, but these will only be available to those who sign up.

On their official website, you can sign up for early access and be notified of all important dates. Right now, the website only says “Coming Soon”, so there is no date to remember at this time.

What else is coming to Minecraft?

The Burberry crossover is not the only big announcement to come from Mojang lately. The latest livestream revealed a ton of huge information about their games.

Legends was given an official release date for the spring of 2023, so it is right around the corner. Dungeons got the date and theme for its third season, which has officially begun.

The bulk of the big information, though, was regarding the 1.20 update coming soon. The Sniffer dominated the Mob Vote and will be on its way when that update is released. Mojang has said that it will be available in 2023.

Along with that, another mob has been announced. Camels will arrive in version 1.20 along with Sniffers. They will be another ridable mob and will be taller than most.


Bamboo is getting more useful too. It will now be able to be crafted into planks and other wooden items. They will also be able to make a raft, which will function like a boat.

Chiseled bookshelves, a new decorative item that can have books placed in and removed, have been announced already. The final announced feature is the hanging signs, which are made with chains so that they can hang down from anything.

More information will be revealed in due course, but the future of the game certainly looks exciting right now.

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