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Mojang recently released yet another Minecraft Bedrock beta preview version: With the developers kicking off work on the upcoming Minecraft 1.20. update, they seem to be trying out all sorts of changes in snapshots and beta preview versions to see if they work well in the game or not.

Although these Minecraft beta and snapshot versions will not have ‘1.20’ written on them, Mojang is taking it slow and steady with this update, revealing only those features that are complete. The latest Minecraft beta preview version comes with loads of smaller quality-of-life changes that can greatly improve the gameplay experience.

Everything to know from the patch notes of Minecraft Bedrock

As always, Mojang has released detailed patch notes alongside the new Minecraft beta preview for their fans and community to check out. Here are the patch notes from the company, excluding technical changes:

Experimental Features


  • Fixed a bug where property velocity would return incorrect values in certain situations
  • Added function canPlace – Returns if it is valid to place the desired block type or block permutation at a specified location (and optional face of the block)
  • Added function trySetPermutation – Attempts to place the desired block permutation at a location by first checking canPlace

Bamboo Woodset

  • The name displayed for “Bamboo Raft with Chest” is now “Raft with Chest”
  • When dismounting from Raft and Raft with Chest the correct tooltip is now shown


  • The “Place” prompt is now displayed correctly for all variations of Sign and Hanging Sign when using a controller
  • Mobs now pathfind properly on top of side-attached Hanging Signs


  • Players can no longer ride Camels through/in deep water
  • Sitting Camels do not play the sitting down animation on load anymore, instead they are loaded already sitting
  • Camels can now auto step up one and a half blocks without jumping


  • Running ‘/execute as’ from Command Blocks no longer inherits rotation from entity


  • Fixed an issue where Hanging Signs could replace Spore Blossoms and Big Dripleaf
  • Fixed an issue where Hanging Signs could attach to Bamboo Saplings
  • Fixed an issue where using pick-block on a double Bamboo Mosaic Slab or breaking it would give a Bamboo Slab
  • Fixed Bamboo Saplings not breaking when pushed by Pistons


  • Fixed a bug where Chain Command Blocks would not activate when Delay in Ticks was greater than 0


  • Fixed an issue where Hanging Signs would not be affected by block volume

Features and Bug Fixes



  • Boats and Boats with Chest are no longer teleported to (0, 0, 0) when pushed by a Piston


  • Fixed improper LevelChunk blending when upgrading pre-1.18 worlds


  • Added D3D12 support for Intel Integrated/Dedicated Graphics for compatible drivers


  • Fixed issues with Book & Quill not able to be signed and closed


  • Shortened text when uploading worlds and add-ons so it fits in the dialog
  • You will no longer get an error message when joining a Realm that has been empty for several minutes

Stability and Performance

  • Navigating through the Recipe Book when the player had items that contain mobs in their inventory no longer causes significant drops in performance
  • Reduced server lag with items going in and out of Hoppers

Touch Controls

  • Fixed the Dismount button in the New Touch Control Schemes looking blurry

User Interface

  • Fixed a bug in Pocket UI Inventory screen, where items could not be dropped back to inventory in Creative Mode
  • Fixed a bug in Pocket UI Inventory screen, where the ‘Craftable/All’ toggle could only be changed in the Search tab but not in any other tab
  • On Xbox, camera movement with mouse no longer changes mouse position when menu is reopened
  • Text color for a selected item stack count is now white instead of yellow

Vanilla Parity

  • Getting killed by a mob with a renamed weapon no longer produces a death message with a redundant ‘s’ at the end

Spectator Mode

  • When entering Spectator Mode while typing on a Sign, the Sign text screen now closes
  • If you swap into Spectator Mode while standing alone on a Pressure Plate, you lose weight and the Pressure Plate releases

As shown above, a few technical changes can be seen in this Minecraft beta preview version, with the Xbox controller stick deadzone and sensitivity being fixed. Furthermore, several minor coding changes have also been made to improve how commands and command blocks work in Minecraft.

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