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Buried treasures can be found throughout Minecraft worlds, but players sometimes need a little help finding them. This is exactly why treasure maps exist, as they can assist fans in tracking down goodies buried on beaches.

To be specific, buried treasure maps in Minecraft are considered Explorer Maps. These items can be used to find different structures, one of which is buried caches of treasure.


Treasure maps can be obtained along with other Explorer Maps through various means. Players who want a little help finding structures should certainly seek them out.

Players can trade for Explorer Maps (including buried treasure maps) via cartographer villagers. However, buried treasure maps can also be looted from underwater structures if players are willing to plunge into the ocean and explore them.

How to find and use buried treasure maps in Minecraft

A shipwreck structure where players can find a buried treasure map (Image via Minecraft Seeds HQ)
A shipwreck structure where players can find a buried treasure map (Image via Minecraft Seeds HQ)

To find buried treasure maps in Minecraft without trading, players will need to find loot chests within shipwrecks and underwater ruins. For the most part, these structures are found underwater in ocean biomes. However, players can also occasionally find shipwrecks and ruins above ground, particularly in beach biomes.

Despite these structures seeming fairly safe, players should keep in mind that Drowned Zombies will spawn around the area. There is also the danger of submersion in the water to take into account, as players can run out of breath if they don’t find air pockets or rise to the surface. However, this danger can be somewhat mitigated by using helmet enchantments like Respiration.


Once players have got their buried treasure map in Minecraft, they can equip it and give it a look. They will notice that it operates somewhat like a standard map, and they’ll need to travel around a specific area to reveal the map’s contents. Landmasses are marked with a tan coloration, and water is shown in a striped orange pattern.

If a player’s map icon is smaller than a normal map, then the treasure marked on the map is quite some distance away. Players will have to use their knowledge of the terrain to discover specifically where the map is pointing to. When they are 1,027 blocks or less from the map’s border, their icon will return to its full size.


As Minecraft players fill out the treasure map, they’ll notice a red X on the map. To find the treasure, they’ll want to head to the coordinates directly in the center of the X. Afterwards, simply digging downward should unveil the buried treasure.

Keep in mind that buried treasure only spawns on beaches and snowy beaches in Java Edition. However, stony shore biomes can also house buried treasure in Bedrock Edition.

It’s also worth noting that while the treasure can be found in these Minecraft biomes, it can occasionally generate underwater as well. If players can’t find their treasure in the sand, stone, or gravel, they may have to take a quick dip into the ocean to spot the treasure.

While these loot chests have many items to offer, they will always include a Heart of the Sea, one of the primary crafting materials needed for a conduit.

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