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For those new to the popular sandbox game Minecraft, it can be a complex game considering the sheer amount of creations that can be built. From simple builds to insanely complicated redstone contraptions such as a calculator, a sense of creativity coupled with the right skills will allow you to build your dream structure.

Redstone is an advanced element in Minecraft that can be better used by learning logic gates.

Here is what players need to know about logic gates in Minecraft.

What is a logic gate in Minecraft?


A logic gate is a redstone device that can be used to create complex redstone circuits. There are several types of logic gates, each with its own function. AND gates, for example, will only activate if both of its inputs are active. OR gates will be activated if either of its inputs are active, while NOT gates invert the signal of its input. So, if the input is active, the output will be inactive, and vice versa.

To use logic gates in your circuits, simply place them next to each other and connect their inputs and outputs with redstone wire. You can then use the output of one logic gate as the input for another, allowing you to create complex circuits with a variety of functions.

The simplest way to look at logic gates is as ones and zeroes, like in binary code; 1 will be listed as ON, and 0 is listed as OFF.

Here are the logic gates in Minecraft and how they can be used.

The NOT Gate


The NOT gate is the most basic of the Minecraft logic gates. It simply inverts the signal that is passed through it. So if a redstone current passes through the NOT gate, the output will be off. If there is no current passing through the NOT gate, the output stays on. The NOT gate is the only gate with a single input.

The OR Gate


The OR gate is a basic logic gate that outputs a high (1) signal if any of its inputs are high (1). If all the inputs are low (0), then the output will also be low (0). The OR gate is useful for combining multiple signals, such as when multiple buttons need to be pressed to activate a single device.

The NOR Gate


The NOR gate is a digital logic gate that performs the logical operation of negation. In other words, it outputs a high (1) signal only if both of its inputs are low (0). If either input is high (1), the output will be low (0). The NOR gate is sometimes called an INVERTING OR gate because its output is the inverse of an OR gate.

The NOR gate is used in applications where it is necessary to have an output that is the inverse of an OR gate. For example, in a computer’s memory, NOR gates are used to store data in a form known as complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS).

The AND Gate


The AND Gate is another basic logic gate that takes in two input signals and outputs a single signal. If both input signals are 1, then the output will be 1. If either input signal is 0, then the output will be 0. The AND Gate is the most basic of the logic gates but is used to create more complex circuits.

The NAND Gate


The NAND gate is a digital logic gate that performs the operation of the Boolean NAND function in Minecraft. This means that the output of the NAND gate is only true when both inputs are false. If either of the inputs is true, then the output of the NAND gate remains false. The NAND gate is one of the basic gates used in digital logic circuits.

The XOR Gate


The XOR Gate produces true outputs when exactly one of its inputs is true. If both inputs are true or both inputs are false, the output is false. The XNOR Gate is the opposite of the XOR Gate.

The XNOR Gate


The XNOR gate is a digital logic gate that is the inverse of the XOR gate. It outputs a HIGH (1) signal only when both its inputs are LOW (0), and a LOW (0) signal otherwise. In other words, the XNOR gate is a combination of a NOT and OR gate. The truth table for the XNOR gate is shown below.

The XNOR gate is versatile and can be used in a wide range of applications. For example, it is used to create an AND gate, a NAND gate, or an OR gate. It can also be used to create an inverter, a buffer, or a latch in Minecraft.

The IMPLY Gate


The IMPLY Gate is one of the many logic gates available in Minecraft. This particular gate is a little different from the others, as it only activates if both inputs are active. In other words, the output will only become active if both inputs are active. If either input is inactive, the output will also be inactive.

This can be useful for certain types of circuits where you need an output to be active if both inputs are active.

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