Every hidden mob on Minecraft Mob Vote 2022 Bedrock server 

The 2022 Minecraft Mob Vote is almost over, and many players have determined the mob they want Mojang to add to the game in the next update. For those who do not know, fans participating in the polls have been given a chance to choose one of three new candidates, from the Sniffer, Rascal, and Tuff Golem, to be added to the game.

With the vote closing in around one hour, many players are sure to be rushing to vote, while others might be engaged in extensive discussions about which candidate would be right for the game.


Minecraft players have been given three methods with which they can vote, and two of them require using either the Minecraft Launcher or the game’s website to make their choice. The third method requires them to join a server on Bedrock Edition and physically walk up to the model and vote for the candidate of their choice.

It also contains some minigames that players can take part in before or after they’re done voting. One of these minigames comprises of finding various mobs that have been hidden on the server.

Minecraft Mob Vote 2022: A list of all hidden mobs on Bedrock server


Mojang has hidden a ton of different mobs all around the carnival-themed server they’ve set up for Minecraft Bedrock players. Some entities, like foxes, frogs, Allays, etc, are clearly visible and reside in their respective biomes or in the open.

Every single one of them is a losing candidate of the last few mob votes. Let us now go on a journey back in time as we unveil every hidden entity on the Bedrock server.

1) Glare


The Glare was a green-colored mob that was a candidate in the 2021 Minecraft Mob Vote. It had the ability to seek out low-lit or completely dark areas that had a light level of zero.

It also had a character trait where it would become “grumpy,” whenever it got engulfed by darkness. Glares would have spawned in the underground cave system.

2) Moobloom


The Moobloom was a yellow-colored cow-like creature that was a part of the 2020 Minecraft Mob Vote event. It had some buttercup flowers sprouting on its back, and was generally considered to be one of the cutest candidates up for polls. Its resident biome would have been the flower forest.

3) Meerkat


The Meerkat was a mob that was extensively showcased to the Minecraft community in 2018. The idea of adding it cropped up again in 2020, with many players asking Mojang to do so with their next update.

While it is yet to be added to the game, its addition is apparently confirmed for the desert biome, when and if it happens.

4) Copper Golem


The Copper Golem was a widely loved mob that was a part of the 2021 Mob vote event. It would have had the ability to press buttons that were made of copper, and would wander around a player’s base, much like the iron golem, after it was constructed.

The mob was shorter than the Iron Golem, and a highly popular choice in the 2021 polls.

5) Ostrich


The Ostrich was another mob that was showcased in a 2D environment, like the Meerkat was back in 2018. It would have been added to the savanna biome, and categorized as a neutral mob.

The entity’s behaviour would supposedly have been unpredictable and apparently be capable of causing three hearts of damage. Like the Meerkat, this mob could be added to the game soon.

6) Vulture


Vultures are yet another example of a creature that has a high chance to be added into the game with a future update. These flying mobs will supposedly be added to what is now known as the Badlands biome (previously Mesa).

Their flying style has been compared to that of a phantom; they fly in circles over their prey, and will supposedly try and steal loot from players and land on cacti.

7) Iceologer


The Iceologer was an illager mob that was a part of the 2020 Mob Vote event. While it never made it into the base game, it was added to Minecraft Dungeons as a hostile mob as part of the content that came with the Creeping Winter DLC.

As one might suspect, the Iceologer was designed to look the part, as it was icy blue all over, with a thick jacket and scarf tied around its neck.

The Bedrock Edition server hosted by Mojang is one of the most creative ways the parent company has ever devised to engage with the community. While the aforementioned mobs may have been rejected during their own polls, they might be added via a future update.

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