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Ever wanted to create your very own Marvel game? Well, thanks to Microsoft MakeCode, now you can. Before we talk about making a Marvel game, let’s first cover Microsoft MakeCode and what it is exactly.

In a nutshell, Microsoft MakeCode is an open-source platform that offers a super straightforward block-based interface alongside a simple JavaScript text editor to allow users to create code for everything from robotics to Minecraft – or in this case, Marvel.

Essentially Microsoft MakeCode is a tool for learning to code; its streamlined design and beginner-friendly tutorials make it the perfect starting point for anyone wanting to learn. On the site are projects of varying complexity and course materials to follow that offer a systematic introduction to coding concepts.

As of writing this post, Microsoft MakeCode has tutorials to get users started coding for micro:bit, Circuit Playground Express, Minecraft, Chibi Chip, Grove Zero, Sparkfun, Cue, and Lego Mindstorms EV3.

Now for why you’re here, to promote the upcoming Black Panther: Wakanda Forever movie, Marvel has teamed up with Xbox. This promotion is centred around encouraging people to consider careers in STEM and gaming industries, with Xbox giving away custom Black Panther-inspired Xbox Series X consoles.

Ever Wanted To Try Your Hand At Creating A Marvel Game? Now You Can

Using the MakeCode platform, Xbox and Marvel hope to increase interest in gaming and STEM industries. Starting today, already established coders and beginners are encouraged to try their hand at creating a Black Panther-inspired game. Not only is this a great way to see if coding is something you’re interested in pursuing, but this also offers a way to win one of the custom-made consoles.

Those interested in getting involved with this challenge can find the link here. Happy coding to all.

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