Eerie Minecraft Datapack Turns the Game Into Limbo

A Minecraft modder has unleashed an updated version of their datapack, which makes the open-world sandbox title look very much like the 2010 indie hit Limbo, giving the whole game a rather foreboding look. Containing stellar base-building mechanics, an enormous blocky world to discover, and the opportunity for fans to come along and tinker with the format, Mojang’s iconic release is still providing players with an outlet for unlimited creativity.


Sometimes the community itself can influence what the studio puts into the game as well. Recently, Minecraft fans voted for the newest mob to be added, with the result showing the Sniffer as the outright champion, which will be joining 2021’s winner, the Allay. Despite how old the game is, it’s still flying high in terms of popularity and lucrative potential. As well as the near-endless things that players make, one aspect that makes it stand out is the visuals. With its bold colors and distinctive look, it’s quite an eye-catching world to behold.

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However, user Reppeti has decided to go in a different direction and give Minecraft more of a gloomy aesthetic. In particular, their datapack is directly influenced by Playdead’s indie masterpiece Limbo. A video shows the much eerier look of the game, while also outlining some new features. For starters, the pack has been made compatible with version 1.19 of Minecraft. It also supports survival play and has had some structures added in. The project itself has actually been out for a while, but has since been updated with improvements and to make it suitable for newer iterations of the game.

For those who missed out, Limbo has gone down as one of the most influential indie games of all time. Its dark and oppressive atmosphere, combined with its 2D puzzle platforming mechanics, made it an instant winner. Despite only being in black and white, or perhaps even because of it, it made Playdead’s title stand out, mixing elements of horror with simplistic gameplay.

On top of new datapacks made by the community, and the addition of the extra mobs, there’s also Minecraft Legends which is coming in 2023. This is a spin-off to the main game which will be more of a strategy title, tasking players with taking on the Piglins who have set up Nether portals around the world. In short, it doesn’t seem to matter how old Minecraft gets. There will always be fans showing off their own creations, and the developer itself is more than happy to explore new avenues for its blocky IP.

Minecraft is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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Source: Planet Minecraft

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