Doom 2 Mod Turns The Game Into a Violent Minecraft Shooter

A Doom 2 modder has converted the classic game into a Minecraft shooter, turning the traditionally peaceful and family-friendly block-building title into an ultra violent FPS. Despite the age gap and differences in play style, both titles share some similarities. For example, both have low-resolution visuals, though the latter is more of a design choice rather than actually retro, and they’re both games that have been ported to many platforms, making them readily available for many fans.


Id Software’s 1994 release is, of course, no stranger to the modding community, with plenty of people able to tweak the original formula into a different beast entirely. There have been instances of people modding Doom 2 into a Batman game, an alien-style action shooter, and even managing to incorporate some of the visual assets from Doom Eternal, a game 26 years younger than its source material. Then there are those who can modify Doom to give it the look and feel of Mojang’s open-world sandbox IP, but with a bit of a twist.

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As spotted by PCGamesN, ModDB user DOOMFOREVER7Z has managed to mod Doom 2 into a much more violent version of Minecraft, keeping the guns and overall chaos intact. Called “Brutal Minecraft Eternal,” the project is a total conversion of the id title that will satisfy the bloodlust of Doom fans everywhere. A video shows the mod in action, as the player, now inhabiting Minecraft‘s otherwise colorful and distinctive world, shoots up zombies, Endermen, and what appears to be a modified version of the creeper. This mod brings with it 25 weapons, nine maps, and even adds bosses to the game.

Over the decades, people have been keeping the iconic Doom franchise alive, not only with tons of mods, some of which change the game entirely, but also through experimental ports. There have been numerous attempts to get the retro shooter to run on all sorts of things, including a version of Doom that ran in Notepad. Along with the modern reboots, it’s activities like this in the fan community that ensure the original releases remain in the limelight.

Of course, the game has aged significantly over the years, with the industry advancing as time marches on, but Doom‘s run and gun mechanics still hold up to this day. The first entry, released in 1993, had a huge impact on the early days of PC gaming, laying the groundwork for the FPS genre, and it’s good to see that these classic games are still getting a lot of love from fans.

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Source: PCGamesN, Free Game Planet, ModDB

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