Custom build takes LEGO Super Mario to new levels

An ambitious new LEGO model has helped to realise the dreams of many an older LEGO Super Mario fan.

LEGO Super Mario has been a success over the last few years, but it’s also a theme aimed squarely at the younger LEGO builder. That might seem like an odd statement, given most LEGO products are designed for kids – but most other themes tend to be a broad church, with the LEGO Avatar theme even focussing on older fans for a change.

While a handful of LEGO Super Mario sets (such as 71411 The Mighty Bowser) have appeared for the adult market, there’s still a bigger Mushroom Kingdom to be explored here. That idea has been captured in a model by LEGO uber-builder Brandon Jones.

Using over 12,000 pieces (and immortalised by Beyond the Brick) Brandon’s model recreates an archetypal Super Mario level in LEGO form, which recently appeared at LEGO event BrickCon. Scaled to match the LEGO Group’s electronic Mario figure, it replicates the scenery of the original Super Mario Bros. game with green hills, blue skies, orange blocks and plenty of enemies to fight. What’s particularly impressive is the fact the enemies can move back and forth, courtesy of some smart engineering. Most (if not all) of this engineering even uses conventional LEGO elements to drive it.

In short, a more fleshed out world like this is certainly tempting, and not quite unprecedented. While its sets have definitely shrunk a little in recent years, the LEGO Minecraft theme has certainly created more detailed chunks of its world – with 21137 The Mountain Cave the most impressive example. It’s possible that the LEGO Super Mario theme could go in this direction down the line, particularly with the upcoming Super Mario movie offering new merchandising opportunities.

Even so, we can’t really fault the current direction of the LEGO Super Mario range. It’s clearly resonated with its young target audience, and it captures more of the Mario gameplay experience than a conventional set probably could – which may also help explain why LEGO Minecraft is so popular. Still, with custom builds like this one (and recent releases like 21331 Sonic the Hedgehog – Green Hill Zone) there will always be questions about the paths LEGO Super Mario might have taken.

LEGO Super Mario sets can currently be found on However, a number of LEGO Super Mario sets (including its trio of Luigi’s Mansion sets) are scheduled for retirement this year – so make sure to check out our list of retiring LEGO sets to avoid disappointment. 

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