Create New World Options, Explained

The first step of a player in Minecraft when starting off is to create a new world in the menu. On the surface, this is a pretty simple feature, but when players dive a bit deeper into the options Mojang has added to the launcher over the years, things become much more complicated. It turns out players have a ton of flexibility when it comes to making their world and setting up its rules.

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Luckily, for those who don’t care for frills, the default options are always selected automatically when players first enter the screen, so no extra fiddling is needed. However, players who want to create a special world with a specific map or set starting rules may want to familiarize themselves with the create a new world screen options in Minecraft.


Create New World Options In Minecraft

Upon entering the create a new world screen from Minecraft’s main menu, the screen is divided into two pages. The first page contains the most basic settings, and most players will be fine going in after tweaking just these. However, the second page contains a few more interesting features worth checking.

Basic Options

This is the first screen players will see, which allows them to change the save file’s or the world’s name, difficulty, game mode, and so on. Here’s a breakdown of all the settings and what players can achieve with them.

This name will appear on the save file of the world, as well as in the menu when players load up their worlds. It will appear in a list with all existing worlds. This can be left as New World is players don’t have a name in mind, as it can be edited and changed later on. Its main purpose is for looks and for identification.

Minecraft comes in several game modes, some of which can be accessed from the create a new world on the launcher. On this screen, players have the option to choose between survival mode, creative mode, and hardcore mode. Other game modes like spectator mode and adventure mode are only accessible through commands once players are inside the world and have access to cheats.

Creative mode grants players the ability to fly around and to use any items and blocks as much as they want. Survival is the bread and butter of Minecraft, which forces players to fight enemies, gather resources, and manage their hunger and health. Hardcore is a tuned-up, more difficult version of survival, where death is final.

This setting determines how hard the game is, and really only affects survival mode. Hardcore mode locks players out of choosing a difficulty, since the difficulty is already set, and in creative mode, the difficulty doesn’t have any importance.

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Players can choose between Peaceful, Easy, Normal, and Hard. Peaceful doesn’t spawn any hostile mobs, while Easy, Normal, and Hard are “regular” versions of Minecraft, with varying mob health pools and damage-taken.

When inside the world, players can type in a chat and even use commands known as cheats. In order to be able to do this, however, players first need to make sure to enable cheats in the create a world menu. The options are either ON or OFF.

It’s also possible to enable cheats in a single-player world after creating the world. Players can open the world to LAN, which allows them to choose whether cheats are ON or OFF again in a small setting screen before opening the world.

Data Packs are a type of modded content in the game that can change how the game functions. The community has made a ton of these out there, so players should go and explore their options. Usually, these are great quality-of-life changes, but some add more interesting features to the game. To add a data pack, click on the button and move any data packs wanted from left to right to enable them.

This tool gives players access to a long list of rules they can tweak for the world in question. Some rules deal with mobs and spawning, while others are more specific to the player. Go through the list and check what seems interesting, as this easily allows players to tailor the world to their liking.

Advanced Options

On the bottom right of the first screen next to Game Rules is the More World Options button. Click on it to access the advanced options that further allow players to modify their world settings.

This line is where players can input seeds. Seeds are usually a set of numbers, or they can be a word or letters, which will be transformed into numbers, which will determine exactly which world and map the game loads. Seeds are excellent for sharing a world players may have found with others.

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Or, if they’re looking for a specific type of world, they can search for interesting seeds online with cool features and play through that specific map. Chunkbase has a seed map that generates maps of various seeds, which can then be loaded into the game when players copy the seed number.

Structures are various buildings that will generate randomly in a Minecraft world. Dungeons, pillager outposts, igloos, villages, ocean monuments, and so on are all considered structures by the game. If players for some reason don’t wish to play with these structures on, they can turn them OFF by pressing this button.

World Type is an interesting modifier, which will slightly change how a Minecraft world will generate. The Default option simply generates a normal world as per usual, with normal biome generation. Superflat will make the world three layers deep, with an endless flat wasteland made of a specific block. The Customize button underneath lets players choose what each layer is made of.

Large biomes will mimic Default world generation, but the size of biomes has been tuned up significantly, producing massive biomes on the map. Players shouldn’t expect too much variety from this world type. Finally, Amplified tunes up all the world generation features to their extremes, with massive mountains and peaks. As the game states, this might be a burden to weaker PCs, so careful when choosing this option.

Players who don’t want to start with empty inventories can opt-in for a bonus chest in the beginning. This chest will spawn near the player when they spawn into the world and will have various necessities to help them get started. There’s usually some food, wooden planks or logs, wooden or stone tools, and the like to help players get a headstart. The chest is also surrounded by four torches.

If players have a previous world with settings that they enjoyed using but don’t want to go through the trouble of manually inputting them, they can import the settings into a new world through this tool.

Minecraft is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS, and many other platforms.

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