Chinar corps releases inspirational Josh Talks videos of Kashmir youth

Chinar Corps released inspirational videos of Josh Talks of Kashmiri youth at a function held at Badami Bagh Cantonment, Srinagar. On this occasion, three songs/ videos were also screened. The five-member Josh Talks team, headed by Mr Darpan Sah was also present on this occasion. The function was also attended by Kashmiri achievers whose videos were recorded by the Josh Talks team in December 2021 during their previous visit to Kashmir. In addition, 25 Kashmiri achievers, who have been shortlisted for the next round of recordings by Josh Talks team, were also present.
Josh Talk is one of India’s largest regional content and upskilling platform which was established in 2015 by Mr Shobhit Banga and Ms Supriya Paul. It gives the youth access to relatable role models through content in 10 regional languages. Josh Talks has also received National Media Award by the Honorable President of India, Sh. Ram Nath Kovind.
During the event, seven Kashmiri achievers shared their inspirational stories which have made them the role models for the rest of the country and the world. The audience comprised of youth of Kashmir from all walks of life.
Mr Sajid Yousuf is a lawyer by profession and CEO of ‘The Real Kashmir’ news and President of an NGO, ‘All Jammu and Kashmir Youth Society’.
Ms Rubiya Saeed is the first ever woman cricketer from Anantnag. After an outstanding performance in Under-23 Women’s League Tournament, she was selected to represent North Zone team that comprised players from Delhi, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and J & K.
Mr Wajahat Farooq was a stone-pelter in the past who realized the truth behind the false narratives. He founded ‘Save Youth Save Future’, an NGO and is now working towards upliftment of the youth of the society.
Ms Sadiya Tariq had won the gold medal in the Junior Tournament at Moscow Wushu Stars Championship, held in Russia in Feb this year and inspired many youth of Kashmiri.
Ms Iqra Fayaz, an alumni of Army Goodwill School, Wuzur, is a Senior Under Officer in 1st Jammu and Kashmir Girls Bn NCC. She has received The Best Cadet Award in RDC-2015 & RDC–2021. She has been an outstanding athlete who has excelled in multiple disciplines.’Mr Arif Khan, an alumnus of Army Goodwill School, Ziran, Tangmarg is a Winter Olympics Athlete, and an international medalist in Alpine Ski Team India. He is currently the Overall National Champion who has represented India at 129 International events and most recently at the Winter Olympics Games at Beijing, China in Feb 22.
Speaking on the occasion, Mr Darpan Sah, the Vice-President, You-Tube at the Josh Talks in India, brought out that the Kashmiris are extremely talented and thanked the GOC Chinar Corps for facilitating access to these inspirational Kashmiri achievers for sharing their inspirational stories. Mr Darpan Sah currently leads 10 regional languages channels and 03 content category channels at Josh Talks that are focused on creating financial literacy, gender equality and inspiring stories from the grass roots of India.
During the event, three songs/videos were also screened. This included a song from the movie ‘The Hindu Boy’ by Ms Rufy Khan and produced by Punit Balan Studios on Kashmiri Pandit exodus. The movie, ‘The Hindu Boy’ will be released on 06 May 22. The event also showcased a song, ‘Zindabad Mere Hind’, dedicated to the Indian Army by Mr Sarthak Saxena who has been a part of the Indian film industry since last few years. Thereafter, the audience were enthralled to witness a live rap performance by Mr Rasik Ahmad Sheikh, stage name MC Raa on song ‘Desh Ka Sipahi’, which he dedicated to the Indian Army and the Chinar Corps.
Lt Gen DP Pandey, The GOC Chinar Corps conveyed his compliments to all the speakers and welcomed Mr Darpan Sah along with his team and the young Kashmiri achievers. He conveyed his heartfelt gratitude to the Josh Talks team for providing a platform to the young achievers and was very sanguine that this venture will inspire the youth towards the right path. The GOC highlighted that the youth of Kashmir are full of josh and vigour and are representatives of the community. He further extorted that today’s youth are true soldiers of the country who are contesting the very environment that encourages negativity and thoughts of the bygone times. The GOC reiterated that we should be aware of the adversaries outside and within the society to fight against the enemies in public spaces including Social Media. He further insisted that the youth has a responsibility to reinforce peace, stability and pursue happiness for all. The GOC praised the speakers for sharing their inspirational stories with other Kashmiri youth and encouraging them to march towards the path of peace and progress. The GOC also emphasized that the women achievers need to work together and empower other women. He envisioned that there would be a time when there would be no difference between having a girl or a boy as a child. The GOC further said that the impression the world has of Kashmir is the result of false narratives and it is the responsibility of the today’s youth to question these narratives and seek the truth. He also congratulated Mr Rasik Sheikh, stage name MC Raa, for his wonderful live rap performance on ‘Desh Ka Sipahi’ and applauded Punit Balan Studios and Ms Rufy Khan for their movie ‘The Hindu Boy’. The GOC also conveyed his best wishes to the shortlisted Kashmiri youth for the next round of recordings by the Josh Talks team and complimented the parents, friends and coaches of these budding stars for entrusting faith in their capabilities and providing support in achieving their goals in their lives.
The event was a testimony to the Chinar Corps continuous efforts to provide a platform to the achievers of Kashmir who are inspirations for the youth of the valley and contribute immensely towards the overall development of the Kashmiri society. The youth of Kashmir is the future of the society and are responsible to handover a brighter society to the next generation.

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