Best Survival Island Seed (November 2022)

Minecraft is a game known for letting players play creatively, not just by creating unique contraptions or amazing structures, but also by surviving the game’s Hardcore Mode only with a shirt on their back. For those of you who dare to take on some challenges, these are the best Minecraft 1.19 Survival Island seeds for the Bedrock and/or Java Edition.

1. Survival Mansion Island Seed

Minecraft 1.19: Best Island Seed (November 2022)

  • Seed: -2867948536818844204

Courtesy of u/ElegantComplaint7795, it’s like Resident Evil meets Water World… sort of. As far as your eyes can see, you will see nothing but this Mansion where you spawn. Will you be able to tame the dangerous inhabitants, or perish inside? A number of Redditors also share some interesting guides to spending the night there, so the thread is worth checking out!

2. Large Mangrove Swamp Island Seed

Minecraft: The Best Java 1.19 Seeds (October 2022)

  • Seed: -1381486679527427600

Across the ocean from the spawn point, players will find a large island with both the standard and Mangrove Swamp variants on its landmass. This island can be found at (-465 65 1064). For more interesting Swamp-related seeds, check out our Minecraft 1.19: Best Swamp Seeds guide.

3. Scenic Jungle Island Seed

Minecraft: The Best Java 1.19 Seeds (October 2022)

From Reddit user u/ExOMaXX comes a pretty Jungle Island right at spawn. In the place, you can easily find rivers as well as Lush Caves and cliffs. Meanwhile, the neighboring island has Badlands surrounded by corals. You can also find Villages a couple of 1,200 blocks away.

4. Mountain Village Island with Underground House

Minecraft 1.19: Best Survival Island Seed (November 2022)

This beautiful seed comes from u/QibliTF, where you spawn on an island that contains everything you’d need for early game. 450 blocks away from the Mountain Village, you can also find a Pillager Outpost as well as a Ruined Portal at X:-481 Z:37. The seed owner also said that you can find an “underground house” somewhere on the island!

5. Ancient City Spawn Survival Island Seed

  • Seed: 6168669096356993368

This can be said to be truly one of the best Minecraft 1.19 Java Edition Survival Island seeds for November 2022. You can easily discover Stronghold, Ancient City with an End Portal inside it, all at the island where you spawn. Then travel about 200 blocks away for an Ocean Monument and around 1,000 blocks for a Mushroom island. Courtesy of u/crackedMagnet.

6. Lonely Taiga Mountain with Lush Cave Seed

Minecraft 1.19: Best Lush Cave Seed (November 2022)

  • Seed: -904660575148047233

As you can see from the screenshot, u/Free_Independent7244 seed’s island is perfect for an evil villain’s lair. While you will spawn right in the middle of this island, the closest lands are going to be Plains and Ice biomes a few hundred blocks away. There are also two Ocean Monuments on each side of the island. In case you’re wondering, Free_Independent7244 mentioned that he’s playing on Java, but in terms of terrain generation, both versions should be the same.

7. Survival Island with an Ancient City Seed

Survival Island with Deep Dark biome

  • Seed: 3085101573916449112

If you’re looking for another challenge then this one from u/crackedMagnet is the perfect island Minecraft Bedrock 1.19 seed for you. You spawn straight on a tall island with no trees but a Deep Dark biome below instead. The seed owner added that if you’re playing on Java, there’s no Ancient City, but there is another island about 300 blocks north that might be worth “checking out” instead.

8. Relaxing Fishing Island Seed

Relaxing Fishing Place Seed

Tired of struggling to stay alive in survival islands? Then it’s time to visit this relaxing island from u/Sphagne. This works for both Java and Bedrock Edition, but each has its own quirks. In Java, there’s a Village with a Shipwreck at the northeast edge of the island as well as a Ruined Portal and another Shipwreck at the northern edge. Meanwhile, in Bedrock, the Village is at the northeast and the Ruined Portal is at the northwest along with lots of hidden treasures scattered around.

9. Desolate Sandy Island Minecraft 1.19 Seed

Minecraft Sandy Beach

  • Seed: 3457579473687179843

If you want something different, then you definitely need to try this desolate November 2022 survival island seed. Try playing without a Bonus Chest while being surrounded only by sand, seawater, and sea turtles. Thankfully, not very far from there, you can find a surfaced Shipwreck for more materials. Watch Minecraft & Chill’s video for more interesting seeds suggestions as well.


Minecraft 1.19: Best Ancient City Seed (November 2022)

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