Best Minecraft Seeds for Diamonds (November 2022)

In Minecraft 1.19 update, Diamonds can now be found at around Y=-59 level, but along with the changes to its spawn location, Mojang also made finding the valuable Ore harder as well. But if you need a faster way to find Diamonds, then look no further, since in this article we have listed the best Minecraft Diamond seeds for November 2022.

1. End Portal and Diamond Mineshaft Seed

Minecraft Best Bedrock 1.91 Seeds (September 2022)

  • Seed: 7450399754159464024

Reddit user u/some-guy-100 reposted an extremely rare and unique Bedrock seed from u/Aura_Masta420. A lit End Portal that can be found at X: 339, Y: -32, Z: 1334 is a one-in-a-million spawn so you should really save this seed. Not to mention that you can also find zombie Stronghold Village island at X: 872, Z: 248 coordinates and a Village that has lava flowing to water for quick Obsidian at X: 760, Z: -312 coordinates.

2. Massive, Best Minecraft Diamond Cave Seed

Centered around a massive Cave, this seed is perfect for collecting all of the necessary ores that you will be lacking when you first spawn into the world. Iron, Gold, Coal, and even Diamond are abundant and there’s an Ancient City nearby to explore as well.

3. 14 Diamonds Veins in Survival Seed

Minecraft: The Best Java 1.19 Seeds (October 2022)

  • Seed: -142417893778538514

When playing in this Java survival island seed, u/KyngKMC end up uncovering a huge vein of Diamonds. To follow in their footsteps, you can go to the -210, -54, 258 coordinates and other veins at -221 -44 251 coordinates to discover the riches yourself.

4. Diamonds Mine Seed – Minecraft November 2022

Seed: -3111369940559244400
This Java seed from u/Proxima_Centauri_C has lots of stuff going on. First, there’s a strip mine with Diamonds north of X:-1898 Y:-59 Z:968 coordinates. And then, there’s also a four Emerald Ore vein in the nearby mountains as well as a Stronghold and Ancient City right above the mine.

5. Diamond Temple Seed

  • Seed: 5022199412075468333

While chilling in his summer cabin, u/J0rri_crzy found a pretty interesting Bedrock seed that features a Temple with three notch apples and three diamonds, which can be found at X: 298, Y: 83, Z: 848 coordinates.

6. Diamonds and Bone Blocks Seed

Best Minecraft Seeds for Diamonds (November 2022)

  • Seed: -3258689556915574813

In this seed, you can find lots of Diamond blocks that surround Bone Blocks or Fossils underground, just below a Stronghold. The coordinate is at 1524, -53, 1494. This Java seed is courtesy of u/FinancialDiplomat.

7. 16 Vein Diamond – Minecraft November 2022

  • Seed: -2623479689180741381

For this Java seed from u/neon_strange, you would want to head straight to X:956, Y:-55, Z:360 to discover the Diamond vein yourself.

8. 509 Diamond Ores Seed

  • Seed: 4549997904771308682

YouTuber ThisIsChris999 showcases a very interesting seed in the video above. Aside from vast Badlands and incredible Savanna, you can easily find tons of Diamonds here. For example, ThisIsChris999 listed 12 Diamond veins at -153, -33, 184, then 11 veins at -64, -58, 238, and the list goes on. For more details of all the Diamonds’ locations, you should check out the video’s description.

9. 18 Diamonds in One Location Seed

  • Seed: -6328643996051345820

Lastly, a seed from u/The_Amazing_Creeper. With this seed, simply head over to X: -200 Y: -58 Z: 1402 coordinates and you should be able to dig tons of Diamonds to your heart’s content.

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