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2022 has been a tough year for crypto, with the early-year crash wiping out trillions. That’s the bad news. The good news is that, just like the stock market, the crypto market occasionally needs a reset, and now that this is happening, here are some of the best metaverse crypto coins that are looking set to explode.


This list goes over the best metaverse projects that have a chance to see steady gains both in the near- and long-term future.

The Future of the Metaverse

While the metaverse has seen some ups and downs, its future remains bright, especially when it comes to the world of gaming. Set to surpass $250 billion by 2025, the gaming industry is booming and the metaverse is the next space expected to be dominated by online gaming. A combination of the words “game” and “finance”, GameFi is the term used to describe most blockchain games that offer a chance to play to earn (P2E).


As the metaverse expands, GameFi will expand with it, giving gamers the opportunity to turn their skills into currency. Considered by some to have the same scope as Apple or Amazon, GameFi offers a tremendous variety of games and ways to earn, attracting both hardcore and casual gamers, as well as investors.


This draw means that everyone can find something they like in the GameFi universe and the variety will just increase as the metaverse grows every day. With their popularity rising, GameFi offers the best metaverse cryptos set to blast off right now.

The Best Metaverse Projects for 2022 and Beyond

Metacade (MCADE) – Community Run GameFi Hub

Quint (QUINT) – Boutique NFT Marketplace

Decentraland (MANA) – Virtual World Builder

MetaHero (HERO) – Real-World Asset Scanner

NFT Worlds (WRLD) – Minecraft-Inspired Open World

Illuvium (ILV) – Open World Creature Collection Game

Silks – Horse Racing P2E Project


1.    Metacade (MCADE) – Community Run GameFi Hub

Metacade is a community-centred metaverse arcade that offers its users simple ways to earn its MCADE token. From actively playing games to passively earning income, the platform is set to offer something for all types of users and its timing on the scene is excellent.


For the gamers out there, it not only offers play to earn titles but also incentivises contribution to the platform, rewarding users for writing reviews, sharing top gaming alpha or entering (and winning) competitive tournaments. It also allows them a unique opportunity to choose which games come to Metacade, through an exciting new system called Metagrants (funding made available to game developers). Gamers can vote on which new games are developed on the platform.


If you prefer watching your wealth more than your high scores, Metacade also has staking options for its token, allowing MCADE holders to gain a share of rewards from the platform. They also plan to hold regular, exclusive prize draws as an alternative way to increase your income. With a surge in price expected over the next few months, direct investment also offers significant potential for gains.


This combination of a wide variety in earning potential, along with the ability to directly interact with other gamers and developers, adds incredible intrinsic value to the platform, and easily takes Metacade into the top rank for best metaverse crypto for December and beyond.


With its presale just underway, investors looking at Metacade have a limited chance to get in on the ground floor of what is sure to be one of the best metaverse projects in the GameFi boom.


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2.    Quint (QUINT) – Boutique NFT Marketplace

Quint is one of the most unique best metaverse projects in that it seeks to merge the real world and the metaverse in new and exciting ways. In a similar fashion to other platforms, Quint users have the ability to exchange NFTs and can also stake the QUINT token in return for rewards. But it’s their super-staking pools that make them one of the best metaverse cryptos for the future.


It’s within these super-staking pools that the virtual world meets the real with Quint offering winners prizes such as stays in luxury hotels, discounted tables in top-end restaurants and even high-end consumer items such as luxury cars or homes. The platform also has its own boutique marketplace where its users have the option to receive real-life representations of their NFTs on Quint, which can be delivered as physical items directly to their door.

While it remains to be seen if this idea can really take off, if it does, Quint will be one of the best metaverse cryptos to own as 2023 rolls around.


3.    Decentraland (MANA) – Virtual World Builder

One of the best metaverse projects of the burgeoning GameFi sphere, Decentraland is one of the OG metaverse games and what many think of when they hear about the metaverse. Decentraland users can purchase digital plots of land inside their universe with which they can build nearly anything they want. Users can create games and marketplaces for other users to trade their digital goods or even rent out their plots of land for MANA tokens.


While Decentraland saw its popularity and value skyrocket, giving a glimpse at what the future of GameFi could be, the crypto crash has really brought down the value of its MANA token. Yet, the cost of its digital land plots still has yet to come down in response. This can make Decentraland a risk for some, but for others, its all-time high shows how it can still be one of the best metaverse cryptos to own.

4.    Metahero (HERO) – Real-World Asset Scanner


Metahero is looking to refashion the metaverse by bringing ultra-realism to it through modern technology and upending the trend of using tired CG assets to model the virtual world. The platform wants to increase user engagement by presenting a space which is similar to the real one they currently inhabit, albeit without the restrictions they experience in their everyday lives.


Instead of digital creation, Metahero will create the world’s largest and most realistic library of metaverse assets, by scanning real-world objects and people into the metaverse. This means that instead of an avatar you create, you’ll have one that looks exactly like you. Instead of a digitally created object, you’ll have one that is a digital replica of a real-world object.


In this way, Metahero is seeking to give developers the ability to create the most realistic metaverse possible. Like Quint, the future value of Metahero depends on how well the idea is received but has the potential to be one of the best metaverse projects around.


5.    NFT Worlds (WRLD) – Minecraft-Inspired Open World

Inspired by the popularity of the massive open worlds of Minecraft, NFT Worlds looks to combine the virtual world-building of Minecraft with the metaverse and play-to-earn opportunities. Using open-source Minecraft code, players can enjoy a familiar experience, controls, and in-game mechanics. While not associated with the actual Minecraft, it will allow cross-platform compatibility, meaning that anyone with a Minecraft account can also access NFT Worlds.


With a variety of different “worlds”, users can choose from a multitude of maps to explore, build, and interact with other users. They can create games or marketplaces where in-game goods can be exchanged for real-world value.


Like with Decentraland, NFT Worlds users can purchase their own plot of land and build it up however they choose, all with the feel of an extremely familiar play style. If Minecraft fans come to NFT Worlds in droves, it could become one of the best metaverse projects in the universe.


6.    Illuvium (ILV) – Open World Creature Collection Game

Illuvium is a Pokemon-type game where users explore a virtual world to discover digital creatures affectionately known as “Illuvials.” Each Illuvial has a unique set of characteristics – much like you would expect from similar creature-based games – each creature has specific strengths, weaknesses and classes to give them distinctness in this open world. With over 100 currently on offer, custom collectables and skins available for each, as well as a marketplace on which to trade them, the total number of original combinations are mind-boggling.


The idea of the game is to collect as many Illuvials as you can, building up your NFT collection. Like so many others though, the overall market crash has depressed the value of the ILV token. With their beautiful and vibrant landscapes, however, the scope of the Illuvium universe still makes it one of the best metaverse cryptos with a great chance to reclaim its high value.


7.    Silks – Horse Racing P2E Project

One of the most intriguing of the best metaverse projects of the future is Silks. Silks is an NFT-based horse racing play-to-earn game with a twist which is that the NFT horse you possess is directly connected with statistics of an actual, real-world racehorse. As such, whenever races are won or lost in the real world, corresponding changes are carried through into the metaverse; this offers an unpredictable factor which adds to the excitement.


As well as waiting on your real-life horse to race, players can also breed and race the digital versions, as well as buy and sell digital land on which they can build Horse Farms. Community Horse Farms let you stake your NFT horse, where you’ll earn rewards without needing to engage in the other activities Silks offers.


The Silks platform also offers a marketplace where users can exchange and make trades, as well as stake their digital equivalents to earn rewards back. It’s a new and potentially game-changing way for fantasy sports to continue and Silks easily earns its spot among the best metaverse projects for December and beyond.


Conclusion: Metacade Looks Set to Take All


While each of these cryptocurrencies has an interesting take on how to add value to the metaverse, the platform which clearly stands out among them is Metacade. In taking a community-centric approach to developing an environment which elegantly integrates both gaming and crypto, Metacade looks set for amazing potential profit as 2023 approaches.


By targeting hungry play-to-earn gamers and offering powerful incentives to participate in the platform through MCADE rewards, tournaments and voting, attracting a large userbase is incredibly likely for Metacade, which in turn reflects well on the longevity of the project as a whole.


The power of utility is what will drive the intrinsic value of cryptocurrency upwards and Metacade developers have taken distinct steps to accommodate this ethos into their ecosystem. In creating a platform whereby the community can feed value back into itself and maintain an expanding array of excellent titles, Metacade will ultimately be able to intelligently sustain itself, delivering both powerful experiences and tantalizing results accordingly.


Currently going through its 9 presale stages, Metacade MCADE tokens start at 125MCADE for only $1 during the beta stage of the presale. With the price rising over each stage and the final price before general release set at 50MCADE for $1, the early investors are obviously the ones who can expect to gain the most from this impressive offering.


You can participate in the Metacade pre-sale here.

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