Best Lush Cave Seed (November 2022)

Thanks to version 1.18, Lush Caves brought new terrain generation and a number of unique floras and faunas, such as Azalea Tree, Axolotl, and Exotic Fishes. Teeming with unusual plant life, with moss covering the floors and hanging from the ceiling, this underground biome is truly a wonder for those who enjoy spelunking. Here are some of the best Lush Cave seeds that will definitely work with the Minecraft 1.19 update, either for the Bedrock or Java Edition.

1. Lonely Taiga Mountain with Lush Cave Seed

Minecraft 1.19: Best Lush Cave Seed (November 2022)

  • Seed: -904660575148047233

The first up is from u/Free_Independent7244. As you can see from the screenshot, this seed’s island is perfect for an evil villain’s lair. While you will spawn right in the middle of this island, the closest lands are going to be Plains and Ice biomes a few hundred blocks away. There are also two Ocean Monuments on each side of the island. In case you’re wondering, Free_Independent7244 mentioned that he’s playing on Java, but in terms of terrain generation, both versions should be the same.

2. Sinking Mansion with Lush Cave

Minecraft 1.19: Best Lush Cave Seed (November 2022)

  • Seed: 4393401040520786190

Before you can find the Lush Cave, though, according to the finder, u/feralmark, you need to find a weird Mansion that spawns in the waters at X: -936 Z: 344 coordinates. Then below the Mansion, there should be a sprawling Lush Cave system underneath. However, keep in mind that this was found in the Java version, so there could be slight differences, especially for the Mansion spawn.

3. Lush Cave with Ancient City

Bedrock in Minecraft

One of the best biomes that you’ll see in this Minecraft 1.19 November 2022 Lush Cave seed list, which also includes a few exposed mines and an Ancient City. For more details, check out our general Best 1.19 Seeds guide. This one works best with Bedrock Edition.

4. Enormous Lush Cave System Seed

Enormous Cave System Seed

  • Seed: 7977544644511621768

u/henren- managed to uncover another Lush Cave biome that should be a feast for your eyes. The Cave system is also wide and vast, making it seem like the tunnels and pathways are never-ending. Definitely a seed that you have to see for yourselves to be believed. Works on both Java and Bedrock Edition; you can find it at X:-734, Y: 73, Z: 87.

5. Scenic Jungle Island Seed

Minecraft: The Best Java 1.19 Seeds (October 2022)

From Reddit user u/ExOMaXX comes a pretty Jungle Island right at spawn. In the place, you can easily find rivers as well as Lush Caves and cliffs. Meanwhile, the neighboring island has Badlands surrounded by corals. You can also find Villages a couple of 1,200 blocks away.

6. Flower Field and Lush Cave at Spawn Seed

Minecraft 1.19: Best Lush Cave Seed (November 2022)

  • Seed: 6089746182215422457

In this Bedrock seed from u/Alternative-Belt-272, you’ll spawn right on a Lush Cave. You can also find a Meadow at X:-116, Y:118, Z:-210 as well as a Taiga Village with many Blacksmiths, Iron, Iron Armor, five Diamonds, and even a Diamond Horse Armor at X: 232, Z: -312

7. Huge Mansion by a River Seed

Minecraft: The Best Bedrock 1.19 Seeds (August 2022)

At the X:-930, Y-4, Z:-494 coordinates, you can swim and sail on a river, take a break inside a huge mansion nearby, then go on an adventure inside a Lush Cave directly below. Credits to ashh.xk for finding one of the best Minecraft 1.19 Lush Cave November 2022 seeds for Bedrock Edition.

8. Lush Sinkhole Lake Seed

Reddit user u/Beefy_Nad shared this amazing and scenic Lush Cave, located inside a huge snowy sinkhole. Conveniently, this Java and Bedrock Edition seed (although only tested on the Java Edition) can be found near your spawn location.

9. Exposed Lush Mountain Cave Seed

Another one from u/Beefy_Nad that should work for both Bedrock and Java. Simply go to coordinates X:-150 Z:-700, and you should be able to find the beautiful Lush Cave with a Mansion along your way.


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