Best Levels for Iron in Minecraft (1.19 Update)

Minecraft‘s Update 1.19 slightly changed what levels Iron Ore can be found. Now, Iron can appear beneath the surface of the Overworld in Minecraft from Y: 72 all the way to Y: -64, the bottom of the world. However, this range consists of a linear distribution in which Iron Ore appears in a consistent yet less common amount. On the other hand, between Y: 56 and Y: -24 levels, Minecraft Iron begins to form a triangular distribution of sorts, meaning that the middle of this triangle will contain the level with the most Iron Ore.


The center of this triangular distribution for Iron Ore in Minecraft 1.19 is Y: 15, the best level for finding Iron. Therefore, if players are looking to maximize their haul of Iron Ore, they should explore the underground biomes at and around Y: 15. While this elevation level contains the most Iron, players can also find large veins of Iron Ore and Minecraft‘s Deepslate Iron Ore starting from Y: -8 to the bottom of the world.

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Minecraft 1.19 Iron Levels to Avoid (& Check)

A large mountain in Minecraft with Iron Ore inside

​​​One area where Iron Ore will not generate in Minecraft is levels Y: 73 to Y: 79, yet players will not likely be searching such an elevation for Iron anyway. On the other hand, Iron oddly does have another triangular distribution that exists in the sky. In other words, if explorers discover a tall mountain reaching a height of Y: 232 or higher, there’s a significantly increased possibility they will encounter a large amount of Iron Ore. While this isn’t the best Iron level in Minecraft 1.19, it is good to keep in mind.

How Minecraft 1.19 Iron Changed

Iron Mine in Minecraft

In the past, mining Iron Ore would yield a block of Iron that could be placed in a Furnace or Blast Furnace to be smelted into an Iron Ingot. However, Update 1.19 has replaced the block yield with Raw Iron, a raw metal resource obtained from mining Iron Ore in Minecraft. Moreover, the previous update of 1.17 introduced Deepslate Iron Ore, an Ore variant that generates in Deepslate and Tuff Blobs. This variant still drops the identical Raw Iron, so players need not be concerned about which type they find.

Iron is a common crafting material used for making a wide assortment of items, structures, tools, and armor. For instance, crafters will need Iron for making Minecarts, Anvils, Pistons, Hoppers, Bucket, and many other practical blocks. As a result, this valuable metal in Minecraft will likely be one of the most farmed materials players collect during their playthrough in Survival Mode. Therefore, understanding what levels to find Iron in Minecraft 1.19 will be essential knowledge for technological progression and utility block construction. Check out the Voltrox video above for a great, easy way to make an iron farm in Minecraft!

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