Best Ancient City Seed (November 2022)

Minecraft 1.19 Wild Update added the Deep Dark biome and its signature area, the extremely resourceful but dangerous Ancient City, often guarded by the deadly Warden. You can manually search for it at Y:-51 or lower when you start seeing Deepslate and Sculk blocks. Nevertheless, here we also have listed some of the best Ancient City seeds for the Minecraft 1.19 update for November 2022, either for the Bedrock or Java Edition.

1. 167 Ancient Cities Clumped Together Seed

Minecraft: The Best Java 1.19 Seeds (October 2022)

  • Seed: -4990892028200174228

u/Schattenfang called this Java Large Biome seed Schulk Nightmare. This isn’t surprising since, as you can see above, they counted that there should be 167 Ancient Cities not far from each other. You can see two Strongholds near the Ancient Cities, and the middle one can be found at X: -3,260 Z: 6,836 coordinates.

2. Ancient City Spawn Survival Island Seed

  • Seed: 6168669096356993368

This can be said as truly one of the best Minecraft 1.19 Java Edition Ancient City seeds for November 2022. You can easily discover Stronghold, Ancient City with an End Portal inside it, all at the island where you spawn. Then travel about 200 blocks away for an Ocean Monument and around 1,000 blocks for a Mushroom island. Courtesy of u/crackedMagnet.

3. Ancient Cities, Ruined Portals, and Others in Badlands Seed

Minecraft 1.19: Best Ancient City Seed (November 2022)

  • Seed: -8731188695823634412

With this seed, you’ll spawn in Badlands surrounded by interesting structures. The seed finder, u/SavageKid1456, claimed that on Bedrock
you could find three Ruined Portals, two Villages, two Mineshafts, two Ancient Cities, and a Pillager Outpost underground and around the area.

4. Sinkhole Village Seed

Minecraft 1.19: Best Ancient City Seed (November 2022)

  • Seed: -5579656743002321743

Stare too long into the abyss, and the abyss will stare back. From u/New-Village-5535, here’s a very unique sinkhole with a Stronghold, Mineshaft, and Ancient City, surrounded by a Village above at X:1636, Y:159, Z:1902. However, the structures will only work in Bedrock Edition.

4. Ancient City and Massive Diamond Cave Seed

Minecraft 1.19: Best Ancient City Seed (November 2022)

In this seed from u/cepumsss, you’ll spawn near a Desert Temple. But not far from there, you can discover a massive Cave filled with Iron, Gold, Coal, and even Diamonds. Of course, there’s an Ancient City nearby to explore as well.

6. Woodland Mansion and Ancient City Seed

Minecraft: The Best Bedrock 1.19 Seeds (October 2022)

  • Seed: 5705783928676095273

Reddit user u/crackedmagnet brings us a pretty rare seed: Woodland Mansion (X:88 Z:120) with Ancient City (X:152 Z:72) underneath and a Village near them that works for both Bedrock and Java. Then you can also find a Stronghold (X:1316 Z:-720) as well as another Mansion (X:728 Z:-568) and Village (X:-320 Z:-480). It is definitely a one-of-a-kind seed that’s worthy of being part of your collection.

7. Diamonds and Ancient City Seed

Minecraft 1.19: Best Ancient City Seed (November 2022)

  • Seed: -3111369940559244400

This Java seed from u/Proxima_Centauri_C has lots of stuff going on. First, there’s a strip mine with Diamonds north of X:-1898 Y:-59 Z:968 coordinates. And then, there’s also a four Emerald Ore vein in the nearby mountains as well as a Stronghold and Ancient City right above the mine.

8. Circular Snowy Mountain with Ancient City Seed

Minecraft Best Bedrock 1.91 Seeds (September 2022)

Another circular mountain and this one is from u/alimem974. Although the point of interest is pretty far from spawn, at X: 8474, Y: 110, Z: 5651, near the spawn location you can also find a Village, End Portal, and Ancient Cities to prepare you for your trip.

9. Survival Island with an Ancient City Seed

Survival Island with Deep Dark biome

  • Seed: 3085101573916449112

If you’re looking for a challenge then this one from u/crackedMagnet is the perfect Ancient City Minecraft Bedrock 1.19 seed for you. You spawn straight on a tall island with no trees but a Deep Dark biome below instead. The seed owner added that if you’re playing on Java, there’s no Ancient City, but there is another island about 300 blocks north that might be worth checking out.

10. Press F for Ancient City Seed

Press F for Deep Dark

  • Seed: -1362678577880471618

Lastly, a meme-worthy seed, where a number of Ancient City line up in a big “F” (to be honest, look more like a lowercase “f” to me). According to u/Albert_Kan, this can be found at X:2,520 Y:-51 Z:-20,280 coordinates.


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