Bedrock textures not loading for various characters

Minecraft is one of the most popular sandbox video games out there. The key reason for its popularity is that you can virtually create anything. The only limit in this game is your imagination.

Minecraft: Bedrock textures not loading

However, many Minecraft: Bedrock players are reporting an issue where textures are not loading for various characters in the game (1,2,3,4,5,6,7).

The problem reportedly kicks in as soon as Minecraft is started, following which the textures are bugged or not loading for characters like Llamas, Horses, and Villagers.

All the Villagers load in the default model and not their professional model where their characters should have skins based on their profession in the village.

The Llama’s texture is also broken as they appear pure red while others with a wanderer trader have no clothes on and are missing eyes. And lastly, all the Horses appear completely black and have no eyes as well.

Minecraft: Bedrock textures not loading

@MojangSupport your last “bug fix” broke my game even more, my allay work fine, but the llamas are untextured the villagers dont work and im getting sent to the wrong coords when i go through portals. fix your game please

For about a week now my kids have been complaining that their villagers aren’t showing their professions (just looking like vanilla villagers) and animals like llamas and horses are looking glitched in a bunch of their bedrock (switch) worlds.

The affected players don’t have any non-default texture packs enabled but still, they are getting these issues.

Some speculate that the issue has likely something to do with the just released update to v1.19.20.

Issue acknowledged

Fortunately, Minecraft Support has finally acknowledged the issue with textures not loading and said that they are working on it. However, they did not share any ETA of when it will be fixed.

Minecraft texture issue acknowledged

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