Bedrock Edition Releases Update 1.19.20

The newest update for Minecraft focuses more on technical changes to performance, gameplay, mobs, and blocks rather than adding new content.

Since its release in 2011, Minecraft has seen constant updates for performance and content, giving users the ability to choose different game modes as well as introducing a wide variety of new animals, resources, and monsters. With the latest update of 1.19.20, there may be some changes that players will want to familiarize themselves with in order to run their game smoothly.

The August 2022 update for Minecraft is fairly straightforward, focusing on the technical aspects of the game rather than implementing any new resources or creatures. The Switch version now has the “Create New World” screen, mobs have seen quite a few fixes as well, while updates to playability have been added with an easier-to-distinguish ON/OFF toggle system for the menu.


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While the current update isn’t focused on creative aspects like other major updates Minecraft has seen in the past, the update is crucial for fixing more technical issues, and updating the game is fairly straightforward for both consoles and mobile. Plenty of attention was given to performance and stability, with crashes involving villager interaction and browsing the Marketplace getting fixed as well. Gameplay was also doted on pretty heavily, as were Sculk blocks and mobs. Sculk, a block that was just recently added in 1.19, can be found in the Deep Dark biome and was given considerable attentiveness, getting its own section of the patch notes.

Since there have been so many updates to the game, it might be possible that a player returning to Minecraft after a long period of time might be running an outdated client or realm, but that just means that the game will have to be brought up to speed before the current update will be able to patch through. With the Minecraft Bedrock edition available on more consoles than the Java edition, more players can now create new worlds to journey through. Minecraft has always allowed players to showcase their creativity with their houses, note block songs, and sometimes entire world-shaping ideas, which is why frequent patches can help keep play streamlined.

Despite the recent backlash Mojang has received involving the new reporting system, Minecraft continues to be an excellent outlet for a player’s creativity. The hope is that less toxicity will come along with the updated report system, allowing Minecraft to remain a tranquil way to build and promote imagination.

Minecraft is available on Mobile, Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One, and legacy platforms.

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