Badshah left in awe of ‘Hustle 2.0’ contestant, cleans stage for him

MUMBAI : Popular singer and rapper Badshah, who appears as a judge on the rap reality show ‘MTV Hustle 2.0’, praised the rap performance of contestant Abhishek Bensla, who is known by his stage name MC Square.

Badshah, who is known for his hit tracks such as ‘Kar Gayi Chull’, ‘DJ Waley Babu’, ‘Saturday Saturday’ and ‘Jugnu’, was so impressed by Abhishek’s creativity that he got up from his seat, tore the lyrics sheet and threw it among the audience. He went on the stage, mopped it and went on to hug MC Square.

It was a perfect blend of the beats, and the lyrics. He said: “I wanted to tear the lyrics sheet which was in my hands. How can one person be so good?”

The rapper pressed the buzzer, Radio Hit, to appreciate the contestant and added: “I had decided not to give him Radio Hit today, but he took it away from me again. He took away my mop, my lyrics sheet, he got a radio hit for his performance. This guy is an illusion.”

The rap reality show ‘Hustle 2.0’ airs on MTV. 


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