Artist Imagines Realistic Version of Minecraft’s Strider

A talented Minecraft player draws the Strider mob in a more realistic manner, complete with an analysis of its skeletal structure.

A creative Minecraft player has shared their artistic study of the Strider, a passive mob found in the Nether. Taking to Reddit, user ThanosTree shared their depiction of what a more realistic version of the Minecraft mob and its anatomy could look like.

The Strider, which was added to the game as part of the 1.16 Nether Snapshot, is a peaceful Minecraft mob that the player can safely ride with the help of a saddle, allowing them to traverse the vast expanses of lava found throughout the Nether. Though it is far from the most interesting mob within the game, the large, cubic head that sits atop a pair of short, slender legs makes the Strider an interesting case study for eager artists.


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Taking inspiration from the Strider, Reddit user ThanosTree posted their own interpretation of what a more realistic version of the Minecraft mob could look like, both in terms of its outward and inner appearance. On the outside, the realistic Strider bears some resemblance to a frog, with it having powerful legs as a result of it having to wade through lava while traversing the Nether. Atop these legs sits the rest of the mob, a bulky, frog like body with small eyes and a large mouth.

The talented artist has also drawn what they believe the skeletal structure of their realistic Strider could look like, and it’s both fascinating and horrifying. Due to it being so small and rounded, almost the entirety of the Strider’s skeletal structure is crammed within its main body, with the bottom of its skull practically sitting atop the top of its legs. The Nether is home to all sorts of dangers, and this piece of art reminds the player that, though the creature is not hostile, it is terrifying in its own way.

With new mobs being added with each Minecraft update, it is always nice to see some of the more obscure creatures within the game receive artistic representation. With the Strider intentionally looking unpleasant in order to unnerve players traveling through the Nether until they approach and realize the mob is actually peaceful, it is nice to see the mob receive some appreciation from the community after all the good it has done for them.

Minecraft is available on Mobile, PC, PS3, PS4, Switch, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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