Are Minecraft seeds the same on Bedrock and Java?

A Minecraft world can be almost anything that players can dream up. With so many blocks to choose from, the only limitation is their imagination. But part of what can make for a great build in Minecraft is having the right world for the canvas.

Minecraft worlds are not just for building, and can be great for exploring and adventuring as well. When a player finds a world they want to share, they can do so by using the world’s seed. A seed is a type of code that lets players enter it to play in the same world as their friends.

But some players are wondering if they can use the same seeds between Java and Bedrock Editions, and if they are the same. Read on to find out.

What exactly are Minecraft seeds and where to find them?


In Minecraft, a seed is a special code that tells the game how to generate a certain world. When two players input the same seed, they will both have the same world generated in their games. For Java Edition, players can find their seeds by typing /seed and on Bedrock Edition, they can find their seeds in the World Options tab.

To input a seed, players simply need to put the desired one into the World Options tab of the Create menu, under the Seed option. Once done, simply select any other options you wish to have for the world, and then select the Create button.

The world will load, and the seed will make its mark on the world. However, is there a difference if a player loads a seed on Bedrock or Java Edition?

What are the differences between Java and Bedrock seeds?


Since the version 1.18 update, players have more options when it comes to using seeds across their platform. Previously, any seeds made for Java or Bedrock would only work on those editions, with the seed producing drastically different results if used on the wrong version.

However, after the 1.18 update, things are much more in-line with being the same. Now, while seeds will give players the same biomes, areas, and major layouts on both versions, there are small differences players will want to know about.

For one, any minor formations, such as tree placement, villages, mob spawns, or other similar types of buildings, may be placed differently. They will still be there, but it will not look exactly the same. In addition, formations such as mountains, hills, caves, and even ore generation will differ between the two versions. But why is this?

Why are Java and Bedrock seeds slightly different in Minecraft?

Perhaps the biggest reason for the difference in seeds is because both Bedrock and Java Edition can recreate seeds between the numbers of -2,147,483,648 to 2,147,483,647. However, Java Edition can generate many more seeds than that, with numbers that range up to 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 seeds.

That’s a big number, and because of that, many seeds will not be shared correctly going from Java to Bedrock. Still, with so many seeds to choose from, players can surely find some really cool ones to share with their friends.

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