All Gravestones in Fortnite and the history behind them

Fortnite has incorporated many gravestones over the years. That said, they merely serve as a source of brick. Most of the time, they can be broken with one or two swings of a harvesting tool, so players don’t even notice them.

However, some of them have a secret meaning. There used to be quite a few in a POI called Haunted Hills, which meant nothing as that was supposed to be a scary POI. Others that seem to be placed in random spots are probably premeditated.


Some of these events are tied to specific moments in the game’s history. Here are a few gravestones that have special symbolic meanings.

Gravestones in Fortnite: What do they stand for?

With the map changing all the time, many of these locations don’t exist anymore. That’s true of the first gravestone, which was placed to honor an iconic moment in Fortnite history.

Many might remember the time when Mr Muselk, a popular gaming content creator, found a player at the bottom of a cliff, unable to get back up.


He had somehow fallen down and was unable to build back up. Furthermore, the player stood too low to build at that level.

Lazarbeam saw him and elected to build down and help. Upon realizing that it was impossible to build low enough, he took an ATK down there to let him climb and run up the staircase.

When he got down there, he accidentally hit the player, knocking them off the map and killing them. After all that time and effort, he inadvertently failed his rescue mission.

At the 10-second mark in the first video of this article, you can see the gravestone that was placed there to honor the fallen player. At the 26-second mark, one can see another rather iconic and familiar moment immortalized. There used to be a large waterfall on the map, where players could swim down into the river below.

Gorgeous Gorge in Chapter 2 Season 8 (Image via Epic Games)
Gorgeous Gorge in Chapter 2 Season 8 (Image via Epic Games)

However, this player miscalculated and instead dove headfirst into the ground and died on impact. Epic Games rewarded them by placing an honorary Fortnite gravestone there.

At the 42-second mark, viewers will perhaps witness the most frustrating of all these deaths. A Fortnite player was driving a Whiplash around a Seven Outpost when they entered a rift. They may have entered two rifts, which caused a slight glitch. The player dropped out of the sky and obviously fell to the earth. However, they didn’t die on impact, as others have.

Instead, they landed and actually found themselves below the map. The game eventually kicked them out of the car. A gravestone with a car halfway in the ground was erected there, which was a hilarious and perfect way to honor one of the craziest deaths in Fortnite history.

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