A Simple Guide On The Recipe For Making A Minecraft Compass

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In today’s world Minecraft is a very popular game. Children of different ages come together on this platform to play, make videos, and spend time together. Everything looks like animated legos in this game and cannot be easy to navigate; thus, you would need this tool. The compass can benefit many things, but finding it in the game can be challenging. To make your compass, you need to gather a set of ingredients and follow the steps of the recipe for making a Minecraft compass.

Why Do You Need A Compass In Minecraft?

A compass is one of the most helpful tools, as it can teleport you to where you were when you logged into the game. A compass is also one of those things that you can store easily. But why do you need it? It is one of the simplest that can help you find the location or accurately transport to that point. After its making, its simplest function is to teleport you to the initial location from when it’s used.

Otherwise, the direction of this tool can also be attached to a lodestone. By doing so, it would direct you in the direction of a lodestone. You can also use it to make other beneficial tools inside the game. 

Recipe For Making A Compass In Minecraft

To make a compass yourself, you need a specific recipe. The recipe for making a Minecraft compass is simple and requires only two ingredients – one Redstone dust and four iron ingots. Once you have these ingredients, go to the crafting menu to obtain a three-by-three matrix. In this matrix, you have to place the ingredients carefully in a particular manner. 

You need to place one of the iron ingots in the first row in the middle of the second place. In the second row, you need to place two iron ingots and the Redstone dust, so the Redstone is in between the two iron ingots. For the last row, you have to place the last iron ingot, that is, to put it in the middle of the second place. A compass will appear on the right side of the three-by-three matrix, which you must shift to your inventory to save the tool. 

How To Use A Compass In Minecraft? 

To use this tool, you must add it to the hot bar on your screen. It’ll appear to have an arrow as a symbol on your screen. This symbol will initially point toward the starting point after you log in. If you were to have hampered it with a lodestone (adding the lodestone to it), then it’ll point towards a lodestone only. 

One must remember that a compass doesn’t work in the nether and the end. Here the needle of this tool would rotate endlessly in a circle. It will make navigation through that area impossible, and you should avoid this area when using it. 


You can spend hours trying to find your way inside a game. You can make your compass in Minecraft to ensure you stay aware of the situation. It is easy and requires basic ingredients and very little time. Further, you can use it to find lodestones once the compass is hampered with one. 

You can also use it to form other tools you need while playing Minecraft. It’s only the first time; you need the patience to understand the pattern for creating this tool. Every time after that, it’s easy to follow the recipe and make as many compasses as needed.

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