A Minecraft modder incorporates the iconic gravity gun from Half-Life 2 into the game,

Demonstrating how it can pick up animals and send them flying across the globe.
The famous gravity gun from Half-Life 2 has been ported to Minecraft in a blocky form, and a video shows it working as intended.

Mojang’s open-world IP has become a force to be reckoned with as the most successful independent game ever, dominating the gaming market shortly after its release well over a decade ago.

It is a phenomenon because of its universal appeal and endless creative potential, but for some, even the standard experience is not enough.

The game can be altered in a variety of ways. There seems to be no end to the ways that people can tweak Mojang’s original formula, from adding new texture packs to coding custom items to turning Minecraft into a 2D platformer.

It’s the reason the game is so popular. Naturally, there are times when modders will also incorporate assets from other games, as this user has done.

Minecraft modder and YouTuber CRAIY was discovered by PCGamesN. In a recent video, he shows how to use the powerful gravity gun from Half-Life 2. The user was asked if they could also implement the iconic weapon from Valve’s 2004 release after implementing the gun from Portal.


The blocky game has three different gravity guns from CRAIY. Two of them can be made, while the third is there “purely for creative fun.”The gun is used in the same way as in HL2, with the player picking up objects and firing them off into the distance or using it to kill mobs.

They even messed it up with their Portal mod, which showed them carrying an object through an orange portal with the gravity gun.

It is a very impressive modification, and the creator has made it available for anyone who wants to try it as a data pack for download. Naturally, the gravity gun from Half-Life 2 is one of the most well-known FPS weapons, so it makes sense that someone would want to incorporate it into Minecraft.

The fact that Minecraft can be modified by Mojang, its near-infinite replayability, and the fact that it doesn’t require a high-end PC keep it so popular after all these years. There is a good chance that Minecraft will continue to play a significant role in the community for quite some time to come as fans and modders continue to demonstrate the game’s capabilities.

Minecraft is now available for PC, Xbox 360, Switch, PlayStation 3, and Xbox One.

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