7 hidden Minecraft features that you may not know about

Minecraft has received many new features and additions over the course of its lifespan. Even those who have been playing the game for years may not have experienced everything that it has to offer.

There are many features that can make a player’s life much easier in Minecraft. Yet, not all of them are immediately apparent.

Listed below are seven features in Mojang’s sandbox game that players may not know about.

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Renaming chests using an anvil, using chorus fruit to enter protected structures, and other features that Minecraft players may not know about

1) Crops grow faster when placed in a straight line


Many players know how to start a farm in Minecraft. All they have to do is obtain seeds, place them on the ground near some water, and watch their farm come to life.

However, planting crops of the same type in straight lines is one of the best ways to maximize their growth in the game. Players can do this instead of planting their crops in random spots on their farms.

2) Rerolling enchantments on items


Many players know what it’s like to bring their diamond sword to the enchanting table just to be presented with options that are not worth their time.

Fortunately, there is a quick way for players to reset their enchantments and try again. All they have to do is craft a cheap tool, such as a stone shovel, place it on the enchanting table, and put the cheapest enchantment on it. When placing the original item back into the enchanting table, one will see all new options.

3) Renaming chests using an anvil


Keeping things organized in Minecraft can be a tedious affair. With so many different items to keep tabs on, chests can fill up fast.

To organize better, some players use item frames with an item inside that represents what is in the chest. While this method works fine, there is another way to keep things in order.

Players can take the chest they want to use and place it inside an anvil. They can then choose a name for it (“Ores” or “Food”). After doing this, they will see the new name of the chest in the top left-hand corner when they open it.

4) Quick-sorting items from chests


Sometimes, when looking through a chest in Minecraft, it can be hard to find a specific type of item. Fortunately, there is a way to make things easier.

If players pick up the item they are looking for with the chest open and shift-click on it, all items of that type will be pulled out. Using this method, one won’t have to spend a lot of time manually searching through cluttered chests.

5) Use chorus fruit to enter protected structures in Minecraft


Sneaking into a friend’s base in Minecraft can be a lot of fun. If players eat chorus fruits found in The End, they will be able to teleport eight blocks in any direction.

Unlike ender pearls, chorus fruits can teleport players through solid blocks. This means that if they stand in front of a door and eat a chorus fruit, they can teleport right through it.

However, players can also be teleported into dangerous spots, so this method should be used with caution.

6) Use bonemeal to duplicate flowers


Many players know that bonemeal is a great way to increase the speed at which crops grow in the game. However, one can also use it to duplicate flowers.

Players should first find the type of flower they want to duplicate and use bonemeal on it until it is a two-block-high plant or bush. They can then use bonemeal on this plant/bush.

Instead of growing, the bush will drop the type of flower that players wanted to duplicate.

7) Using carpets to preserve block effects in Minecraft


While soul sand and slime blocks have interesting effects when used as flooring in player builds, they are not always aesthetically pleasing. However, the ability to use these blocks to obtain the Soul Speed enchantment or the bouncy slime effect is too appealing for some players to give up.

In these cases, players can simply put their preferred color of carpet over these blocks. By doing so, they can have their favorite floor color while still maintaining the original block’s effects.

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