7 best enchantments to put on armor in Minecraft

Minecraft is an amazing game that features many areas and dimensions for players to explore.

Survival is of utmost importance during exploration. Armor and weapons play an important role in reducing the damage that players take. Enchantments can help further refine one’s armor to make them even more effective in combat.


Listed below are the seven best enchantments that players can use on their armor in Minecraft.

Note: This article is purely subjective and solely reflects the opinions of the writer

Protection, Feather Falling, and 5 other great enchantments for armor in Minecraft

1) Unbreaking


Unbreaking is one of the best enchantments for armor in Minecraft. It allows armor to not take too much damage when players are hit.

Since armor is meant to be hit and reduce the damage that players take, having more durability allows them to stay in combat longer.

There are three levels of Unbreaking, with each one increasing the number of hits the armor will be able to sustain.

2) Mending


When taking damage to durability, players often want an easy way to keep their armor in tip-top shape. Mending is one of the best armor enchantments for this task.

When players collect XP orbs, some of them will be converted into durability for the armor that is enchanted with Mending. The rate of conversion from XP to durability is two per XP consumed.

With this enchantment, players can spend less time worrying about the durability of their armor.

3) Protection


Preventing oneself from taking just a bit of damage can be the difference between life and death on certain occasions.

Protection allows players to reduce the amount of damage they take by 4% times the level of the enchantment. Players will get a maximum of 64% damage reduction if all their armor pieces are enchanted with Protection IV.

4) Fire Protection


Fire Protection can reduce the amount of fire damage taken by players. If players are planning on being around a lot of fire or lava (perhaps in the Nether), this is a great enchantment to put on armor.

This is because each piece of armor enchanted by Fire Protection reduces fire damage by 8% times the level of the enchantment. Fire Protection IV gives 32% reduced fire damage taken.

The maximum limit to Fire Protection is 80%, meaning players should not try to stack over the cap due to the diminishing returns.

5) Feather Falling


Sometimes, a fall in Minecraft is unavoidable. When players fall from a great height, they normally take a large amount of damage.

This is where the Feather Falling enchantment comes in. It reduces the amount of fall damage taken by 12% times the level of the enchantment, up to a maximum of 48% with Feather Falling IV.

Feather Falling has a cap of 80% and will have diminishing returns if players try to go over that cap.

6) Blast Protection


Explosions can be a real problem in Minecraft, whether they are from TNT or creepers. Luckily, the Blast Protection enchantment can be placed on armor to reduce the amount of damage that players take from explosions by 8% times the level of the enchantment. Players can also get a maximum reduction of 32% with Blast Protection IV.

Apart from reducing explosion damage (shared with an 80% maximum cap with other protection enchantments), Blast Protection also reduces knockback suffered from explosions by a maximum of 60% at level IV.

7) Projectile Protection


The Projectile Protection enchantment can help players survive ranged attacks in Minecraft. This includes arrows, ghast fireballs, wither projectiles (but not their explosions), llama spit, shulker bullets, and tridents.

However, each piece enchanted with Projectile Protection can reduce damage by 8% times the level of the enchantment, with 32% being the maximum at level IV. As with other protections, the maximum damage reduction cap is 80%.

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