7 best cool houses to build in Minecraft 1.19

The world of Minecraft is a vast one, and with a near infinite number of blocks stretching in all directions, finding a place to call home can be difficult. Because of this, players will want to make sure they can build something that represents who they are and where they want to live.

Luckily, there are so many different blocks and styles to choose from that the possibilities for making a home are almost endless. With this in mind, there are many different builds available out there for players to choose from, but not all houses are created equally.

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Top 7 cool houses players can create in Minecraft


Getting started in Minecraft, one of the first things players will want to do is build a house. Of course, besides having a place to store all of their things, they also want to be sheltered from the many hostile mobs and dangers of the world.

While there is no right or wrong answer of how to build a starter house, eventually, players will want to grow their builds into something much more exciting.

After gathering enough materials, they can choose one of these seven cool house designs and show off to their friends when they finish these exciting builds.

1) Futuristic Modern House


While the world of Minecraft can sometimes be a bit plain, having a house that stands out can make a huge difference. With this amazing-looking futuristic modern house by YouTuber A1LMOST ADDICTED MINECRAFT, players will be able to look out at their world from the beautiful floor-to-ceiling windows.

In addition, they can also enjoy open-concept rooms, multiple levels to store all of their gear, and best of all, the knowledge that they have the coolest Minecraft house on the server.

2) Modern Villa


For those players who want a house that looks like one someone may dream of owning in the real world, this amazing modern design by YouTuber Keralis stands out.

Featuring multiple garages, a meticulously landscaped yard, multiple levels, and brilliant lighting, players can really transport themselves into a world of luxury and high-class living with this build.

3) Waterfall House


What could possibly be cooler than living inside a waterfall? This house takes the classic concept of walls and replaces them, giving players a strange, yet effective way to stay safe inside of this modern waterfall house.

YouTuber Random Steve Guy showcases how players can build their own small but elegant version of this waterfall house. Additionally, this build can definitely be expanded to let players have the ultimate cool waterfall house.

4) Tree House


When thinking about a tree house, many people probably envision a house set high up in the trees. Well, with this cool take on a classic, YouTuber WiederDude Tutorials showcases a different kind of treehouse.

This one is built actually inside the tree. This means that the player will take logs and build them in the shape of the structure to create their own unique tree-shaped home. While this may not be the largest house on the list, the cool factor certainly makes this one stand out.

5) Skyscraper


In a build that looks like a combination of the Space Needle and a UFO, this modern version of a treehouse/skyscraper will really stand out in any world that players create.

YouTuber WiederDude Tutorials showcases just how easy and quickly players can build their own version of this strange but cool looking house. What is even better is that players could even link multiple houses like this together by way of tunnels and have a large high-up city.

6) Rustic Medieval House


Taking a break from all of the other futuristic and modern houses on this list, this Rustic Medieval House by YouTuber A1MOST ADDICTED MINECRAFT really stands out, especially if players end up putting it in a village.

When combined with a nearby castle, players can even make entire villages out of these houses and make their own kingdom in Minecraft. Best yet, the materials used for this build are not hard to come by, making it one of the easiest, but still coo-looking, houses on this list.

7) The Best Minecraft Survival House


Who says Minecraft Survival Mode has to be about simply surviving? Players can live out their life of luxury in this small but amazingly cool house by YouTuber SystemZee.

With the included in-ground pool, as well as a fire pit, large open spaces, and full length windows, they can look down on their creation and know they are living the good life in this great house.

Have fun and look cool with any of these house builds

For players who want to mesh form and function and have the coolest-looking houses around in Minecraft, these are some of the best builds out there. No matter which one they pick, they will all be great for not only staying safe, but ensuring they have the best build on the block.

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