7 best builds to do in Minecraft creative mode

Minecraft’s creative mode is one of the four main game modes that players have access to. This mode eliminates every restriction placed on the player within survival mode and has an unlimited amount of every item and resource in the game available from the start.

It does not require the player to gather or craft anything, be it weapons, food, experience points, etc. Players using this game mode cannot die and have no requirement for a health bar, hunger bar, or any other survival aspect of the game.

An unlimited amount of blocks also means that players can build whatever they want anywhere within the game’s world. There are many structures a player can build when in creative mode. Some of the best are listed below.

Minecraft builds: How to use creative mode to the best of its ability

7) Statue


Building statues in Minecraft is a common practice for many players. There are many ideas for to build a statue in the game. Some players build giant individual statues, like those of Steve, Minecraft’s mobs, characters from pop culture, etc.

Other players base their statue builds on a specific theme or the build they’re going with. For example, if someone is going for a medieval-themed build or a castle for that matter, they can set up gargoyles or statues of armored knights, dragons, archers, weapons, horses, and more.

6) Resource farm


The number of items and recipes in Minecraft often makes it important for players to gather many resources that serve as crafting ingredients, decorational materials, and more.

While survival mode players need resource farms out of convenience, creative mode builders can make them for fun, or for other players who are meant to use their designs within their survival worlds. Builds like iron, gold, wood, froglight, kelp, and basalt farms are good examples for this.

5) Ship/Boat


Aside from wooden boats and the upcoming rafts, there aren’t any naval transportation systems in Minecraft (aside from shipwrecks being a structure). A ship or boat build can be incredibly satisfying to build and is an idea that is already quite common.

Many players build medieval-style ships, inspired by different cultures from around the world, while others build modern ships and stuff like aircraft carriers.

4) Animal Farm


Animal farms are another build players will have fun while attempting. This is because survival mode has players ushering animals into their fenced farms like shepherds, which can be quite exasperating and time-consuming.

However, in creative mode, players can simply spawn animals inside their assigned farm spaces using spawn eggs. Scores of pigs, cows, chickens, fish, goats, and sheep can be collected from huge farms.

3) House/Base


This one is a no-brainer. Creative mode hands players an unlimited amount of power in Minecraft, which they can use to build whatever they want. One of the best ideas, therefore, is to attempt to build a dream house of whatever size one wants.

Players have the liberty to use unlimited amounts of any resource they want as a part of their house, as houses are often one thing players tend to spend the most time on. Many players attempt to build castles and mansions, while others build beautifully designed cottages, or even go out of the box to build underwater or weirdly designed houses.

2) City


Speaking of houses, why not build a lot of them and make a city? While scores of dedicated players attempt city-building solo, this idea is even better when multiple players are playing together.

Cities can be divided into multiple districts or sections, and decoration gives players even more ideas. Since Minecraft is a game with an infinite amount of space and support for modding, clearing out huge areas for cities shouldn’t really be a problem for any player. After that, the world is their canvas.

1) Redstone contraption


Redstone is one of the most interesting materials in all of Minecraft. It serves as the equivalent of electricity or power in the game, which gives it an endless amount of possibilities.

Players can use redstone to build automated designs like farms, item sorting systems, storage systems, villager breeding, making secret passageways, and even hidden doors underground.


However, many players tend to use redstone in ways the community never expects. One design that is super popular right now is the TNT bomber design, which can fly and drop blocks of TNT along its flight path.

Another great design idea that involves redstone lamps is a lighthouse. Players who use shaders or ray tracing in Minecraft can attempt these builds to take advantage of real-time lighting features.

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