7 best blocks for building walls in Minecraft (2022)

Minecraft’s building mechanic lets players build almost anything they want within the confines of the game. Some players choose to build grand castles, cities, towns, and an empire of their own, while others focus on small-scale builds like statues, cottages, farms, and maps. Whatever the build consists of, some parts of it always seem to require a wall.

The wall block provides protection and creates boundaries in Minecraft, as players and most mobs cannot go over them. This reduces points of entry and keeps a player’s builds and loot safe.


There are many types of walls in the game, just as there are blocks, slabs, planks, etc. However, almost every variant of the wall block in the game is decorative, which means that it is available in the game only for cosmetic purposes.

For ones other than the wall block, players can use wooden fences or multiple blocks to keep hostile mobs and players out. This article will focus on the seven best blocks players can use to build walls around their builds.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinion of the writer.

Minecraft: What blocks to use when building walls

7) Cobblestone/Andesite/Diorite/Granite wall


Cobblestone is one of the easiest materials to find in Minecraft. The block drops when stone blocks are mined. Since most of the Minecraft world is comprised of stone blocks, all players need is a pickaxe and they can mine the block to yield cobblestone. Once they have enough cobblestone, players can make walls from it.

Similarly, andesite, granite, and diorite are found all around the Overworld, and can take up a ton of inventory space when players are mining. These blocks can be put to good use as walls, thereby converting a player’s base into a compound.

6) Brick wall and similar options


Any block with a brick-like texture is a great choice for building a wall. These blocks have detailed textures and are well suited for building external structures. The brick wall block can be made using the brick block, which is further obtained from bricks, with the source material fbeing clay.

Other suitable variants of brick-based blocks for walls include mud brick, stone brick, nether brick, red nether brick, end stone brick and deepslate brick.

5) Smoothstone


Smoothstone is a block obtained when a player melts a block of stone in a furnace. As its name suggests, the block has a plain and smooth texture, a little brighter than regular stone.

While the block has no “wall” variant, it can be used as a wall nevertheless. Stacking them side by side creates a satisfying pattern, as the smoothstone has a small dark outline aside from the gray color on each side.

4) Sandstone


Sandstone is a block that is made using four blocks of sand. It’s easy to break, but not quite as easy as sand, which has the “gravity” effect attached to it. There are a variety of reasons that make sandstone a great choice for a wall build. It has tons of variants like cut and chiseled sandstone, with the latter containing designs like a creeper’s face.

The block is easy to find and farm, both as a result of sand blocks and individual mining. If players prefer not to use the sandstone wall block already provided in Minecraft, they can use the sandstone block to build any walls they require.

3) Blackstone


Blackstone is a block that is only found in the nether dimension. As the name suggests, the block is black in color and has a texture that is well suited to castle and mansion builds.

This is one of the reasons the block is great for building walls. In addition to this, players can use blackstone brick, polished blackstone, chiseled polish blackstone, polished blackstone wall, and more, which gives tons of options, and a chance to choose the texture of the block.

2) Wool


Wool is easily obtained from the sheep mob in Minecraft. It can be obtained by shearing or killing a sheep. The block comes in many different colors, which is why it is a great choice for a wall. Players can use different colors to construct their walls or switch to one color scheme.

1) Concrete


Concrete is one of the best building blocks in the game. An exceptional decorative piece, this block is largely utilized when a player-made build is inspired by modern architecture. White concrete is a hugely popular block in such situations. Building a wall with this block can give any player’s Minecraft compound the look of a safehouse.

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