6 Features Confirmed For Minecraft 1.20

If there was ever a game that could say it stood the test of time, then Minecraft is definitely one of them. It has been years since Minecraft received its 1.0 update, which was one of its most acclaimed updates. It finalised the game and concluded that all of its base features were finished.

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However, the 1.20 update will bring a bunch of new features. Though many have been speculating as to what will be added with the new update, there are still a certain number of confirmed features coming to Minecraft in this next big update.


6/6 Camels

A pair of camels relax in the desert biome of Minecraft

Camels are being added as a new mob in the desert biome. They will be one of the largest mobs in the game — so large that if you ride them they’ll keep you out of reach of hostile mobs that come out at night. Camels can be tamed and will allow two players to ride them. Though camels are slow, they have a dash ability on flat terrain and can even jump over ravines.

For farmers out there, you’ll be happy to know that camels can be bred using cacti as food in desert biomes to create baby camels. This means that you can farm the animal and have plenty of them if you’re playing with others.

5/6 New Default Skins

A host of Minecraft characters stand side by side

There are new default skins being added to Minecraft in the 1.20 update, representing different default characters. The two default skins are Steve and Alex, but the new default skins that are to be added will have a diverse range of skin tones and will represent male and female characters. It’s a big step towards better inclusivity among the Minecraft community.

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Though not much is known about the characters themselves, we do know that there will be seven new skins — Noor, Sunny, Ari, Zuri, Makena, Kai, and Efe. As well as being default skins, they will also be featured in official videos and trailers from Mojang, so here’s hoping we get to see more of these new characters.

4/6 Chiseled Bookshelves

A room full of bookshelves and torches is in a stony room

For fellow bookworms, the addition of chiseled bookshelves is an update that many have been longing for. Though it may sound specific, this update is far from just being another decorative block. Chiseled bookshelves can be crafted, and can store regular and enchanted books within them. They can even change appearance depending on how many books are stored there.

As well as this, the chiseled bookshelves can interact with redstone. This can be linked to them so they can move to reveal entryways, as well as all sorts of inventive and useful functions. For those who want to live out the fantasy of an elaborate mansion with bookshelves that lead to secret entrances, it’s now possible with the chiseled bookshelf.

3/6 Bamboo Wood

Some rafts float by a home made of bamboo wood

Bamboo wood is another type of wood being added to Minecraft. This type of wood will come with its own planks, stairs, slabs, and more. Bamboo can already be acquired in the game in order to create scaffolding, so it makes sense for it to be a wood type, too.

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You can also use bamboo wood to create rafts. The raft is just another type of boat, merely different aesthetic-wise and don’t have any particular function compared to boats. However, you can put chests on them as with other boats, and they’re a nice addition. They’re something players should try to build at least once.

2/6 Hanging Signs

A few hanging signs are situated outside a village

Signs have always been a fun decorative tool in Minecraft, but now they’re getting a little love with the brand-new hanging sign. This is a new type of sign that can be crafted with an iron chain and six blocks of stripped logs. The sign is a unique item that can then be placed on the side or bottom of any block, allowing them to host a hanging sign.

The hanging signs are decorative blocks much like regular signs, coming in different looks based on the wood type you use. It’s a small feature, but one that can really add to the aesthetic of the game and gives another use for stripped logs in terms of crafting.

1/6 The Sniffer

A pixel art rendition showing celebration of The Sniffer

Finally, we have the fan favourite mob, The Sniffer. As part of the Minecraft Mob Vote of 2022, the Sniffer won with over 50 percent of the vote. The Sniffer is described as a once-extinct mob that players will be able to revive if they can find its eggs in underwater ruins. Sniffers are known as gentle giants, large mobs which will help the player by sniffing around and discovering ancient seeds. These can form unique plants.

Whether these unique plants will also be part of the update or whether it it means random and rare crops isn’t known. However, The Sniffer will be a non-hostile mob that will help players further explore, allowing them to discover new things in the world of Minecraft.

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