5 ways LEGO Minecraft lets you remix the beloved game

Minecraft is without a doubt one of the most popular games out there, and its expansive crossover line with LEGO® Minecraft™ is the next step in taking your Minecraft fandom to a new level. LEGO Minecraft offers Minecraft fans a wealth of ways to connect with Mojang’s world-builder in innovative ways. LEGO has long been the go-to for franchise crossovers of iconic movies — but now, Minecraft fans can extend their connection to the game with the range of LEGO Minecraft sets.

More than just looking pretty on a shelf or display, LEGO Minecraft offers fans an opportunity to blend their digital experience with real life. Join us as we look at five ways in which the LEGO Minecraft range lets fans remix the beloved game, taking Minecraft to new levels of importance.

#1 – The physical presence of LEGO Minecraft toys

This one will particularly appeal to collectors and those with a penchant for tactility and physical items. Unsurprisingly, Minecraft has always been slightly out of reach for fans, tucked behind a TV screen and, as such, slightly detached. LEGO Minecraft shatters this barrier, letting fans hold, build, and present their Minecraft experiences in real life.

Yes, there’s nothing quite as delightful as being able to display a cherished item for all to see — and LEGO Minecraft lets players express their fandom with a physical presence. Tactility is one of the most important parts of play — that’s why we like a solid controller, right? — and LEGO Minecraft is the next extension of that, by upgrading your Minecraft experience from a virtual memory to a physical, tangible object.

LEGO Minecraft can hold whatever emotional resonance each fan imbues into it, be it the memory of an iconic moment, or a reminder of the friends they made while playing Minecraft. Have you and some friends built an impressive, decked-out treehouse in the past? There’s a LEGO Minecraft set for that. How about your very first adventure in the Minecraft world? There’s a set for that, too. It’s the next logical step for Minecraft fans to express their love for the series, with a nifty display, or from hours of fun building and playing.

#2 – Creating new connections to the franchise

In this same vein, LEGO Minecraft allows you to take your connection to Minecraft that step further. If the thought of wearing the T-shirt isn’t your thing, then there’s nothing better than a cool LEGO Minecraft display in your office.

Through LEGO Minecraft, the game takes on a whole new dimension of significance. Emotions previously tied to just the digital world are now available in the palm of your hand — and for many, LEGO Minecraft could even be a much-needed introduction to the game series. LEGO is as enduring a product as ever, and with colourful sets and designs, even those who can’t tell a Creeper from an Enderman can find something to enjoy.

#3 – A constant physical reminder of Minecraft

We all know how busy our lives can get, and there’s nothing sadder than having to turn down a gaming session in favour of school or work or chores. There’s some salvation, though, as a cursory glance at your LEGO Minecraft sets can elicit those cherished memories; a dose of Minecraft-based happiness, even when swamped with work.

LEGO Minecraft is just as versatile as the game it’s inspired by, as the range of experiences available is only as endless as your imagination. For younger fans it can act as a real-life DLC pack, as they come up with new Minecraft adventures outside of the virtual world. For older players, it functions as a badge of honour and a proclamation of fandom — while also being a stylish piece of game-based decoration. It’ll give Minecraft the sort of real-life permanence that’s lost when you turn off your screen.

#4 – The gift of playing LEGO Minecraft with friends

After such an endlessly difficult year, there’s never been more desire to enjoy shared experiences with those we care about. With face-to-face interactions limited for the past 18 months, virtual gaming sessions were all we had — but with LEGO Minecraft, you can celebrate a return to real-life interaction by taking your digital adventures offline.

Whether building a set together, combining collections to make a sprawling map, or even creating your own scenarios with the astounding toolkit provided by LEGO Minecraft, the possibilities really are endless. Now we can enjoy each other’s company once more, there’s no better way to do it than by remixing beloved digital memories.

#5 LEGO and Minecraft: A perfect marriage

After almost a decade of cherished time harvesting crops, defeating hordes, and building your own kingdom, Minecraft has transcended the screen and is available in the palm of your hand through LEGO form. It’s not often that two franchises so enduring and versatile mesh together so well.

Both present you endless possibilities to build and express your creativity, with limitations only bound by what your mind can conjure up. In many ways, Minecraft is the digital form of LEGO, and vice versa: so LEGO Minecraft really is the perfect marriage.

LEGO Minecraft is the perfect way for fans of the series to remix their experience with the game. It gives a new dimension to the brick-based fun and is as versatile as your imagination allows.

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