5 reasons why GTA Online players still want cross-platform play

GTA Online players have always wanted to try the game on different platforms to either check the differences between versions of the game or play the game with better visuals. PC versions offer better graphics and frame rates, and the Definitive Edition on Xbox Series X/S and PS5 offers rewards for beginners and a better experience than older consoles.

Crossplay lets players on different platforms play together, and the lack of crossplay prevents players from carrying over their GTA Online progress when switching between different platforms.

GTA Online players have been asking for this feature for a long time for a variety of reasons. This article will list five reasons given by most GTA Online players in support of crossplay. These reasons are not ranked in any particular order.

GTA Online players list these five reasons in favor of crossplay

1) Have your progress carry over


Most gamers want to have their progress in online games carried forward even when they switch platforms. Nobody wants to start the game all over again on a new platform unless they haven’t made much progress in the game, so seasoned players will have a tough time making the switch.

Players on consoles that are a lot older will have a bigger problem on their hands if they’ve spent a lot of time leveling up their character and acquiring weapons and properties in the game.

2) Some of the other major games already support the feature


Rocket League and Minecraft are great examples of how players can collaborate and play together on different platforms. Although there are obvious concerns about PC gamers cheating, crossplay between platforms can bring communities even closer together.

Some games, like Fortnite, offer full cross-platform support, while most others have partial support, with their availability extending from one of the consoles to PC. The introduction of partial cross-platform support for GTA Online would make many gamers happy, and it could potentially open the game up to a new set of players.

3) Play with friends easily


A lot of gamers might not be on the same platform as their friends. This is another reason a majority of players want to see a crossplay feature introduced in GTA Online. Gamers who are on a different platform than their friends will be forced to find randoms to complete missions with.

Forcing gamers to buy a new console just to play with their friends will never work, since not all gamers can afford to ditch their platform and progress just to switch to a new profile and join their friends. Only cross-platform support can help solve this drawback.

4) Faster queues


Bringing together players on various platforms will also necessitate more servers for the game to continue running smoothly and connecting quickly. At the moment, with the number of public lobbies, it occasionally takes a considerable amount of time to join a session.

Players want to get right into the game without waiting too long, and crossplay can reduce queue times by expanding the pool of players that can join a lobby at any point in time.

5) Stronger community


GTA Online lobbies are a lot more populated in the PlayStation and Xbox communities. Rockstar Games should seize the opportunity to make it even bigger by enabling cross-platform support between all consoles to prevent dead lobbies. Players will get the opportunity to meet new people and join friends on different platforms.

Crossplay would allow communities to finally connect with one another and could potentially end the rivalry and arguments about which is the better platform. GTA 6 is also around the corner, so it will be interesting to see what the future looks like for the franchise.

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