5 interesting facts about badlands in Minecraft (2022)

Minecraft is home to many different biomes, with each one of them having its own unique feel and different qualities. The rare badlands area can be easily identified by red sands, high mesas, and plateaus. It is modeled after the deserts in the western United States, and it’s easy to see how when looking at this hot and dry biome.

But the badlands offers players much more than what meets the eye under its red exterior. Here are the top five most interesting facts about the badlands in Minecraft for 2022.

5 great facts about badlands in Minecraft


The first thing that Minecraft players who want to discover the badlands will need to know is how they can locate them. However, the badlands are a very uncommon biome, so finding them may not be so easy. If the player is up to the task, they can begin walking in a direction and trying to locate them.

They will immediately recognize the unique area by the presence of large plateaus of different colored terracottas, and the red ground. Here are some other interesting facts they can test for themselves once they get to the badlands.

1) Mineshafts are much more common in the Badlands


One thing that stands out about the badlands that is worth finding them for is that Mineshafts can spawn at much higher elevations, as well as being exposed to the air. This means that players can often find many more of such areas to explore in the biome.

Players who come across the badlands will certainly want to come prepared for mining, as the conditions there are excellent and will yield much better results.

2) Gold is quite common


Mining is a great way to get rich in Minecraft, and one of the best parts about the badlands is that gold is much more common there. Additionally, gold can also spawn at higher elevation than usual, at up to Y=255, rather than Y=32. Because of this, players will not only be able to come across gold more often, but they will not have to dig as deep into the ground to find it.

Combined with the additional Mineshafts that spawn through this area, badlands is perhaps the absolute best spot in the game for players to find all the gold they need for their Minecraft world.

3) There are no passive mobs around


What the badlands offer in riches and ore, they lack in any real signs of life. One of the first things that a player may notice when they are walking through the biome is that there is almost nothing in terms of living matter.

The complete lack of passive mobs is very apparent, and combined with no plants, save for a few cacti, the biome is a very desolate area. There is, however, a variation of the area, namely the wooded badlands, where trees can appear on top of the plateaus.

Due to this lack of wildlife and plants, players will want to make sure that they pack plenty of supplies – especially food. Because once they are there, they will have a very hard time finding anything edible.

4) The badlands is a very dry biome in Minecraft


The badlands is one of driest biomes in the entire game. With such a climate, there is no rainfall that takes place. This means players are going to have a very difficult time if they need to find water to use for anything.

Therefore, it is advised that they do not generally make the badlands their base of operations, at least until they can have a reliable source of water.

This also means there are no lightning strikes to be found in this biome. The only exception to this rule is if a river cuts through the badlands, which will cause rainfall to take place along the river.

5) The badlands is rich with terracotta


Terracotta is a great block that players can not only use for construction, but can also dye it to match almost any design. Because of this, they will want to collect as much Terracotta as they can from the in order to be able to have enough for whatever they need.

Once they get it back to their base of operations, they can use the various dyes to make it almost any color they desire. However, the colors they may be able to find in the badlands are pleasing to the eye – even without being dyed.

The world of Minecraft is full of exciting places and biomes to explore and creatures to discover. For those who want to get out and experience it all, the badlands is a worthy stop on any player’s adventure.

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